10 Great IFTTT Applets to Automate Your Android Phone

Georgina Torbet 21-03-2019

If This Then That, also known as IFTTT, in an incredibly powerful tool to automate nearly everything in your life. It’s a web-based service that lets you connect your accounts for different websites and services in order to automate processes. For example, you can use it as a photo archive so every time you’re tagged in a photo on Facebook, that image saves to your Dropbox.


But there’s an even better feature of IFTTT that not everyone knows about: it can also integrate with Android to automate tasks on your smartphone. We’ll show you 10 of the best applets for automating your Android device.

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1. Push a Daily Weather Report

Stop getting caught out in the rain by using this applet. It sends a push notification to your phone each morning with a local weather report. No more forgetting to check your weather app before you leave the house!

The weather notification will be the first bit of info you see when you wake and will remind you if you need to bring an umbrella.


2. Mute Your Ringer at Bedtime

Sick of your phone ringing and waking you up while you’re asleep? Protect your precious beauty sleep using this simple applet that turns your ringer to silent mode at a time of your choosing each night. If you want, you can set up a similar applet to turn the ringer back on when you wake up. Or let yourself sleep in and turn the ringer back on whenever you wake.

The best part about this applet is that it doesn’t silence your alarm, so you can still use your phone to wake you up.

3. Get a Notification on Your PC for Missed Calls


This applet is great if you leave your phone in a drawer or another room while you work. It uses the Pushbullet service, which allows you to mirror notifications between your phone and your computer Pushbullet Puts Your Android And PC On The Same Wavelength Find out how you can keep your Android perfectly synced with your PC -- push your phone's notifications to your desktop, share files, and much more! Read More .

Combining Pushbullet and IFTTT, you can see a notification on your computer whenever you miss a phone call. This will remind you to call back whoever it is. The notification will include the time of the call and the phone number (or contact name if they’re in your address book).

4. Log Your Phone Calls in Google Calendar [No Longer Available]

If you receive a lot of phone calls for work, it can be helpful to have a log of who you spoke to and when. Maybe you need a record of client calls for billing purposes, or you just want to make sure you stay in regular touch with a friend. Either way, you can use this applet to keep a record of when you made or received a call on your phone.


The calls all save to their own calendar in Google Calendar. So you can easily see the date, time, and duration of each call, as well as the number that you called.

5. Rotate Your Wallpaper to Daily Astronomy Pictures

Who doesn’t love beautiful images of space? NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day feed shares a new educational image from deep space each day, which is featured in this applet. To keep your Android phone looking fresh, the applet updates your phone wallpaper to the latest photo every day.

6. Keep an Archive of Received Text Messages


While SMS is a popular communication method, many prefer email. Given that backing up your SMS texts How to Back Up, Restore, and Transfer Text Messages to a New Android Phone Here's how to back up SMS text messages on Android using one of several apps and transfer those messages to a new phone. Read More can be a pain, it’s convenient to have a log of all the text messages you receive in an email folder.

This applet sends a copy of every SMS you receive to the email address of your choice. Then you can use a Gmail filter to sort these notification emails into their own folder.

7. Turn Off Mobile Data When You Get Home

You probably have Wi-Fi at your house, so you don’t need to keep your mobile data on once you arrive home. This applet conveniently switches off mobile data once you arrive at a particular location, saving battery and data usage.

Just set the target location to your home address, and your phone will automatically turn off your mobile data as soon as you walk through the door. Since you’ll automatically connect to your home Wi-Fi, it will be a seamless switch.

8. Turn Off Wi-Fi When You Leave the House

If your battery struggles to last the day, then you can use this applet to extend your phone’s lifespan. It will detect when you leave the area set as your home, then automatically turn off Wi-Fi when you leave the house. This way, your phone isn’t wasting battery by trying to connect to Wi-Fi networks when you’re out and about.

9. Automatically Mute Your Ringer When a Meeting Starts

Few blunders are more embarrassing than your phone loudly ringing when you’re in the middle of an important work meeting. This applet can help by automatically putting your phone into silent mode whenever you have a meeting marked on Google Calendar.

There’s also a matching applet to turn your ringer back on once your meeting has finished.

10. Find Your Lost Android Phone

If you have a habit of leaving your phone somewhere on silent mode, then this applet is a life saver. You can text “lostphone” to your device and it will automatically turn the ringer up to full volume. Then you can call your phone and easily find wherever you left it in the house.

Automate Your Whole Life With IFTTT

These are just a sample of the variety of IFTTT applets that you can create for your Android phone. Take a look at the IFTTT Android page for even more ideas!

Once your have the basics of adapting and using applets down, you can start creating your own. IFTTT applets can use a huge range of services like Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, Pocket, Dropbox, Telegram, Nest, and many others. Soon you’ll be using IFTTT like a pro The Ultimate IFTTT Guide: Use the Web's Most Powerful Tool Like a Pro If This Then That, also known as IFTTT is a free web-based service to get your apps and devices working together. Not sure how to build your applet? Follow along with this guide. Read More to automate your entire digital life.

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    Point #7, is not found, and will not work. Please remove that.

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  2. Lin Daniel
    March 22, 2019 at 12:37 am

    If you take meds at irregular intervals, say for pain, you can use IFTTT's Button or Note function along with Google Calendar to record when you took your meds. It proved useful the time I was sure at least an hour had gone by and I was still in great pain. Checked the calendar and found it had only been 20 minutes.