IdleKeyboard: Fake Keyboard Typing Sounds While You Surf The Web

MOin 27-05-2010

Many workplaces have their employees working in a cubicle. Normally bosses cannot monitor what is going inside the cubicle. Perhaps the best estimate of whether or not an employee is working is the keyboard typing sounds: since most work is done on computers, if a boss hears his employee’s keystrokes he will assume that work is being done. This is what Idle Keyboard takes advantage of.


Idle Keyboard is a free website that helps employees to take breaks in their cubicles. If you quickly want to browse a video on YouTube or do some non-computer activity, your keyboard will no longer be in use and your boss will not hear your keystrokes. Before you start your non-work activity just turn up your speakers’ volume, visit Idle Keyboard, and press the button located at the homepage. Immediately your speakers will generate the keystrokes sounds as if you were actually typing something. To stop the keystrokes you can click on the same button (which turns into a hand icon).

keyboard typing sounds


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