How to Identify Any Font Using Adobe Photoshop

Saikat Basu 14-02-2017

As a wannabe designer, you get to work with typefaces. Maybe even fall in love with some of them. There’s also a good chance you have a keen eye for any good use of typography in photographs or any other media. But, you could come up short in identifying the fonts used 4 Ways to Quickly Identify Your Favorite Web Page Fonts We have gone over some elegant looking free fonts here ready to be used in any of your projects, but many new fonts are born every so often thanks to talented artists. You can spot... Read More  unless you are an expert.


But don’t worry. A little-known feature in Adobe CC can step in and do the work for you.

Match Font is available on Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 and further updates. It works with Adobe Typekit to help you find fonts and replicate them in your own work. You have to log into Adobe Typekit online with your Creative Cloud username. Open the image in Photoshop to get started.

Step 1. From the menu, go to Type > Match Font.

Match Font

Step 2. A capture box is overlaid over the font in the image file. Resize the capture box as closely as possible over the typeface you want to identify.


How to Identify Any Font Using Adobe Photoshop Match Font Box

Photoshop suggests the fonts from those stored on your computer. Click on the font to make it active, or click on the star next to the font to mark it as a favorite for later use.

How to Identify Any Font Using Adobe Photoshop Match Font Font identification

Step 3. Put a checkmark on the little box that says Show fonts available to sync from Typekit. Photoshop displays a few more matches for you to pick and choose from. This is a huge help as Typekit has thousands of fonts from foundry partners. There could be a font that is an exact match of the font you are trying to identify or closely resembles it.

Fonts from Typekit

Here’s the troubleshooting page if you are unable to see the fonts from Typekit. The Creative Cloud desktop application must be running in the background on your computer

Click on the cloud icon to download and use the font in your own designs. The font is added to your own font library.

There is more than one way to pin down a font used, but now the Match Tool in Photoshop is another powerful shovel to dig through and get the font you appreciate. It may not always give you the perfect result, but it is always worth a try.

Which is the most beautiful font you have come across? Did you identify it easily?

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