How to Identify Which Apps Are Draining Your Battery on Android
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Trying to squeeze more battery life out of your smartphone is a constant battle. It seems that every new app you install, plus regular system updates, negatively impacts how long your battery lasts. While there are certainly some big apps to avoid if you want to preserve battery life, sometimes you just don’t know which apps are causing the problem.

Did you know that the latest version of Android Nougat has a battery usage page that shows you which apps use significant power? You can take a quick visit to this page whenever you notice your battery draining faster than usual, or at the end of the day for a quick summary. If you identify one app that’s an issue, removing it could greatly improve your battery.

How to Identify Which Apps Are Draining Your Battery on Android Android Battery Usage Alerts

Thankfully, this menu is easy to locate. Open Settings on your phone, then go to the Battery entry. You’ll see a chart of your battery life over time, along with the apps using the most battery while it’s been off the charger. Here, tap the three-dot menu in the upper-right and choose Usage alerts. Android will take a moment, then tell you if any apps have used a lot of battery since your last full charge.

When we tested this, the menu reported that no apps caused an alert since the last charge. That’s great — it means that everything is working normally. Of course, this won’t detect “normal” causes of battery drain, like leaving your screen on for a long time. But if an app is misbehaving wildly, this menu will tell you about it so you can take action.

Looking to get even more battery life? You might want to cut out free Google services that suck up your battery, too.

Did your phone report any high-usage apps in this menu? What apps drain your phone’s battery the most? Tell us down in the comments!

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  1. likefunbutnot
    June 6, 2017 at 2:47 pm

    The apps that drain battery the most are overwhelmingly going to be those that require use of GPS (Pokemon Go), Have their own Push Messaging implementation (most chat apps; kik, whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, dating services) or which add crap-tons of extra advertising providers (Facebook-anything, most dating site apps, a lot of crummy games). Anything that gets someone to leave their screen on is or plays video also bad from a battery life perspective, but at least those things have an active and intuitive impact on battery life.

    On the other hand, since I know that my phone's workload will change from day to day, I would never own a phone where I did not have the ability to quickly change that batter. All the shiny glass backs and mild water resistance in the world isn't worth as much as being able to double my phone's run time.