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All IAmA Edition And A Subreddit Of The Week [Best of Reddit]

Dave LeClair 25-08-2012

All IAmA Edition And A Subreddit Of The Week [Best of Reddit] redditalienLadies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages; welcome to another fine edition of the Best of Reddit. This week we have a load of informative, entertaining and downright crazy stuff from the wide world of Reddit. Maybe you are new to Reddit. Maybe you just missed these in your Reddit travels. Maybe you saw all of these and you just want to tell me how there is a million things I could have found that were better than the ones I choose. Either way, I am glad you are here, and I hope the Reddit awesomeness helps brighten your day a little.


On the agenda for today, we have a very special all IAmA edition. If you love hearing about the subtle intricacies of others’ lives, this is the Best of Reddit for you! It is time to kick back, relax and get ready to be entertained by the best of the crazy stuff Reddit has to offer.

Stan Lee

All IAmA Edition And A Subreddit Of The Week [Best of Reddit] redditstanless

Yes, I am talking about that Stan Lee. I am talking about the godfather of Marvel Comics and general awesomeness. Stan Lee sat down and answered some of the most pressing questions from the Reddit community. This IAmA is a rare chance to jump into the mind of one of the biggest influencers in nerd culture. If you have ever wanted to know how the genius of Stan Lee works, this is the IAmA for you.

Jason Mewes

All IAmA Edition And A Subreddit Of The Week [Best of Reddit] redditjasonmewes

Jason Mewes is the man who played Jay in the Jay and Silent Bob movies. Jason and Kevin Smith as Silent Bob are, in my opinion, two of the funniest characters in any movies. Turns out, Jason Mewes might not actually be playing a character in those movies at all, because he seems to act a lot like Jay in real life, as shown in this IAmA. If you missed his original IAmA from a while back, make sure to check that out here, as it is just as full of hilarity.


Creator of Imgur

All IAmA Edition And A Subreddit Of The Week [Best of Reddit] redditimgurama

Imgur just might be the easiest way to share photos on the web. It is one of the only ways people on Reddit share images because of how easy it is to upload and how quickly images load. Well, the man behind Imgur took to Reddit to tell his story about how it all began and where they plan to take it. This IAmA is interesting because it gives us a rare glimpse into how a small idea can turn into a giant website that does over two billion pageviews a month, that’s right, billion, with a “b”.

John Smedley

All IAmA Edition And A Subreddit Of The Week [Best of Reddit] redditsmedly

John Smedley is the President of Sony Online Entertainment. He has been around the video game industry for over 20 years. There are plenty of IAmAs with people in the video game industry, but it is rare to see someone in such a powerful position. This is a fascinating look into the mind of a major decision maker in the video game industry.


Stephen Wolfram [No Longer Available]

All IAmA Edition And A Subreddit Of The Week [Best of Reddit] redditwolfram

Stephen Wolfram is the only reason I was able to get through my math classes at university. His programs such as Wolfram Alpha and Mathmatica are among the most powerful programs I have ever used. This IAmA is truly a chance to see into the mind of a genius. Give it a read and you will not be disappointed.

Subreddit of the Week r/GameDeals

All IAmA Edition And A Subreddit Of The Week [Best of Reddit] redditgamedeals

You like saving money, don’t you? Well if you do, you should check out r/GameDeals before you make your next video game purchase. Reddit users post all kinds of awesome deals, many of which you might not find out about elsewhere. In addition, while we are on the subject of video game deals, I would also check out to save some serious money.



There you have it! An all IAmA edition of Best of Reddit is in the books. The last couple of weeks on Reddit have been chock-full of interesting people sharing their story and there were too many good ones for me to pick only one or two. Check out these IAmAs and the Subreddit of the week, and I assure you, it will be well worth your time.

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  1. Sebastian Hadinata
    August 25, 2012 at 2:46 am

    r/GameDeals is just what I need :3

    • Dave LeClair
      August 31, 2012 at 3:21 am

      Hope you find some good stuff. Dont forget to check out cheapassgamer too!