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MOin 26-11-2011

People who are experts in their fields often feel they can share their knowledge by writing a book. But not everybody has the skills necessary to write a good book. Also, not all books are on topics that have a universal appeal. Whether you are about to write on a niche topic or if you need help writing your book, Hyperink is a web service just for you.


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Hyperlink is a web service for authors who need a co-author or require a platform to get books on niche topics published. The site lets you write your book online completely by yourself. When the book is published, it is sold by the site itself and you receive a percentage of the revenue it generates.

Alternatively you can outline the details of your book and have the site find you a suitable expert who can co-write the book with you or ghostwrite it for you while consulting with you over email and Skype.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Publishes books on niche topics.
  • Helps you find a coauthor for your book.
  • Co-author can co-write your book or ghostwrite it for you.

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