Hyper Desktop: Get Screenshots Online In No Time [Windows]
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Hyper Desktop is a Windows program designed to quickly take screenshots and share them with the Internet. It’s designed to be useful at times when you want to share something quickly and anonymously. For instance, if you’re trying to explain how a program is buggy and need to show tech support what your screen looks like.

get screenshots online

Hyper Desktop runs quietly in the Windows system tray and can be activated quickly whenever you need to make a screenshot. This screenshot or any other images can be quickly sent to Imgur.com for hosting by dragging and dropping the image into the main window of Hyper Desktop. Your hosted image’s URL will be sent back to you instantly, ready to be shared online.

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If you prefer, you can change Hyper Desktop’s settings so that images are hosted on an FTP server you have access to.


  • Takes high-quality screenshots in Windows.
  • Sends screenshot image to Imgur using drag and drop.
  • Returns your screenshot’s Imgur link instantly.
  • No account required – anonymity can be retained.

Check out Hyper Desktop @ http://gethyperdesktop.com 

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  1. Srivatsan Venkatesh
    September 5, 2012 at 12:14 am

    I use puu.sh for a similar concept. You have 3 different ways to take a screenshot: current window, current desktop or use crosshairs to pick an area. Then it uploads it and gives you a puu.sh/something link. It even copies it to your clipboard so you can paste it into chat if you're showing someone something.