Hypejar: Stay In Touch With The Launch Of Interesting Products

MOin 12-10-2012

When you are interested in a soon-to-be-released product, you stay in touch with its launch date. Doing this for one or two products yourself can be easy but if there are a lot of products you are interested in, then manually staying updated with the launch of them all can be difficult. Here to help is a website called Hypejar.


interesting product launch

Hypejar is a free to use web service that keeps you informed of products you are interested in and products that are generating a lot of hype. Films, games, new seasons of series, books, and other hyping products are all covered by the site. You can “Hype Up” or “Hype Down” certain products and add them to your ‘jar’ which includes products you are interested in.

Items are lined horizontally with items that will release earlier placed on the left. You can click on an item to view its details such as a plot description and launch date.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Keeps you in touch with hyped products.
  • Helps you stay updated with launch date of products you are interested in.
  • Covers films, books, series, games, and more.

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