The Humans That MakeThe Apps We Love

ROFL 17-11-2014

We use applications almost every day for all kinds of things. We use social apps for communicating Yay For Choice: 10 Excellent Unofficial Social Apps You Should Be Using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest: they all offer official Android apps – but are those really the best mobile experience out there? Many users say no. Good thing there are so many unofficial clients. Read More , games for passing time 5+ Sandbox Games Like Minecraft You Must Play Perhaps Minecraft has grown stale for you over the past few years. The good news is that there are plenty of other games like Minecraft that provide a compelling survive-in-a-sandbox environment. Read More , to-do lists Take Control of Tasks & To-Dos With the Powerful 2Do for Mac & iOS A powerful take management application is the best way to stay on top of your to-dos and projects, and 2Do is one of the most robust cross-platform organisers for Mac, iOS and Android. Read More to keep us on task, and so on. Most of the hugely successful applications are owned by some large company, but at some point, they started with an individual who had an idea.

Have you ever thought about who makes the apps you love? Sure you know Facebook owns WhatsApp Facebook WhatsApp, SkyDrive OneDrive, Yahoo Siri, Apple Tesla [Tech News Digest] Facebook buys WhatsApp, FCC responds to the loss of 'net neutrality', SkyDrive becomes OneDrive, Yahoo wants its own Siri, Apple is interested in Tesla, and Samsung mocks Apple in its latest set of television commercials. Read More , but have you ever considered the humans who got it started? That’s just what this infographic takes a look at. Get ready for a fascinating look at the people responsible for the apps we love.

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