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Hulu Now Lets You Shuffle Seinfeld Episodes

Dave Parrack 08-07-2019

Hulu has added a Shuffle button to Seinfeld, allowing you to watch random episodes of Seinfeld out of order. While this is Hulu celebrating the 30th anniversary of Seinfeld, we can’t help thinking that a Shuffle button would be a great idea for other shows.


A Brief History of the Show About Nothing

On July 5, 1989, a little show called The Seinfeld Chronicles debuted on NBC. It was then renamed Seinfeld, and after a slow start, evolved into one of the best sitcoms of all time The 15 Best Sitcoms to Watch on Netflix Netflix is packed full of funny sitcoms! Here are the best sitcoms on Netflix to watch if you just need to laugh and relax. Read More . The show ended in 1998 after nine seasons and 180 episodes.

That wasn’t the end of the story though, as the show has continued to be shown around the world. It’s also available to watch on Hulu, and has picked up a new generation of fans as a result. And now you can even shuffle Seinfeld episodes on Hulu.

How to Shuffle Seinfeld Episodes on Hulu

To shuffle episodes of Seinfeld on Hulu, simply head to the Seinfeld page on your Apple TV. Then, select the “Yada yada yada” option. This will open a playlist of random episodes that will play out of order, allowing you to dip in and out as and when you want.

Hulu’s Shuffle button for Seinfeld currently only works on Apple TV. However, Hulu’s tweet suggests it’s keen to add it to more platforms if the demand is there. So, if you regularly watch Hulu on Apple TV please shuffle a few episodes to help the rest of us out.


Let’s Add a Shuffle Button to More Shows

A Shuffle button obviously wouldn’t work for every show. It wouldn’t work for dramas where one episode leads directly into the next, for example. However, most sitcoms can be watched out of order, so we would love to see a Shuffle option for more shows.

The fact that people are still watching Seinfeld 30 years after it aired is testament to how good it is. And, barring the disappointing finale, it’s no surprise that Seinfeld is one of the best 90s sitcoms you can watch on Hulu The Best 90s Sitcoms to Watch on Hulu Right Now The 1990s was a great decade for TV comedies. Here are some of the best 90s sitcoms you can watch right now on Hulu. Read More right now.

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