HTTPS Everywhere: Use HTTPS Instead of HTTP When Possible

MOin 21-06-2010

HTTPS connections have clear benefits over HTTP ones. With HTTPS you get a higher level of security because data sent and received is encrypted; 3rd party services cannot decrypt this data and learn about your activities.


Moreover, HTTPS sometimes lets you access a site inaccessible on your network. To take advantage of what HTTPS has to offer, you can use HTTPS Everywhere.

use https instead of http

HTTPS Everywhere is a Firefox add-on that lets you use HTTPS instead of HTTP when it possible. The add-on includes a list of websites; whenever you visit any site on the list, the add-on automatically shifts the connection from HTTP to HTTPS.

Supported sites include Google Search, Wikipedia, Twitter,, Facebook, EFF, Tor, Ixquick, DuckDuckGo and Scroogle, amongst others. By default, all of these sites are activated to switch over to HTTPS automatically.

If you feel that a site is not providing full functionality over the HTTPS connection, you can access the add-on’s options to disable this feature for any site on the list.



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