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Justin Pot 26-01-2011

<firstimage=”//”>browser based gamesFind fun games to play in your browser, without the use of flash. Whether you’re sick of flash causing your system to crash or you’re the proud owner of an iPad or another flash-free device, HTML5games can point you to browser based games that don’t need Adobe’s omnipresent media technology in order to operate.


Free online games you can play in your browser used to be almost all powered by Adobe’s Flash. On today’s Internet however, games based on a new, open standard are beginning to emerge. HTML5games provides a great starting point for those wanting a look at what HTML5 can do in terms of gaming.


Head over to HTML5games and you’ll find a familar feel. Browse for games by category, or click one of the top recommended games to see what can be found.

browser based games

None of the games in question are hosted by the site. Instead, the site acts as a sort of index of games from around the web built entirely using HTML5.


There’s even a “mobile” category, perfect for people using a smartphone. This is particularly nice because many smartphones on the market have no support for Flash, so check the mobile category out.


So, are there any good games? Yes, in fact. You can get started with Tank World, a 3D game impressively made entirely in HTML5.

free browser games

Want to practice your typing? Why not give Ztype a try? This game is a bit like Space Invaders, but with words descending on you instead of alien ships. Type the words to blow them up! The sound effects and music here are really quite fun.


free browser games

RAPT, or “Robots Are People Too”, is a platformer worth giving a shot. In it you control two different robots, making this a challenging single player game. Alternatively, play with a friend and share the load.

browser based games

There are many more browser based games here, but I suggest checking them all out yourself. Recommend any good games below!


Recommended Browsers

HTML5 being relatively new, you’re going to want an up-to-date browser to play these games. I highly recommend Google Chrome, although newer versions of Safari and Firefox work fairly well. If you’re an IE user, however, upgrade to the IE 9 beta or switch browsers to get the most out of these games.


So why should anyone care what a browser based game is made of? Good question. It’s basically a question of the direction the Internet will head toward. For a long time multimedia content was provided by Adobe’s proprietary Flash protocol. This program, an extension installed on pretty much every computer accessing the Internet in the past 15 years, gave the web capabilities it otherwise wouldn’t have had. The result, however, was one company having control of the format that makes music, videos and games on the web possible. Many, including Apple’s Steve Jobs, feel that no one company should have that much control.

Feel free to read more about HTML5, to get a better idea of what this all means.

Do you care what platform your games run on? Do you think it’s cool that the web is increasingly using open protocols? Share your thoughts in the comments below, as always, and feel free to point out more cool games!


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