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12 HTML5 Browser Games That Don’t Need Adobe Flash

Sandy Writtenhouse Updated 03-12-2019

You’re on your break at work and think it would be great to play a fun game in your browser. Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to install Adobe Flash on your computer. However, you figure there aren’t any good browser games that don’t require Flash, right? Wrong!


HTML5 games are available in any modern browser and work without plug-ins or installations. You just open and play. Plus, these are just as enjoyable as Flash games. So here’s a list of free HTML5 browser games you can play without installing Adobe Flash.

1. Smarty Bubbles

smarty bubbles html

There are some great bubble shooters to play online The 7 Best Bubble Shooter Games on the Web If you have a few minutes to kill at home or at work, play one of these online bubble shooter games. Read More , and Smarty Bubbles is one of them.

Your goal is to get the highest score possible by eliminating bubbles from the gameboard. Plan strategically by viewing the next bubble coming, use the handy arrow to help you aim, and ricochet off the walls to make those tough shots. What’s the best score you can achieve?

2. Fruita Crush

fruita crush html5


Another great match-three, no-Flash game is the puzzler Fruita Crush. Drag to connect three or more fruits to remove them from the board and score.

Each of the 100 levels has a different objective to meet within a certain number of moves. And, matching more than three fruits will give you special pieces like explosive bombs and handy line eliminators. These provide more points than standard pieces.

3. Jewelish

jewelish html5

When you prefer fancy jewels over tasty fruits in your match-three game, Jewelish is the way to go. With two minutes on the clock, drag to connect three or more jewels to score.


As with Fruita Crush, connecting more than three will give you cool jewels that clear columns and rows or blow up surrounding pieces. If you want a quick way of scoring without playing through multiple levels, Jewelish is a fun option.

4. Jungle Run

jungle run html5

If you enjoy endless running platform games, then grab some bananas and play Jungle Run. You can choose to play as Kiba or Kumba, both apes with great skills.

Run and jump, collect stars and power-ups, and see if you can make it through the 30 challenging levels. And be sure to watch out for enemies because they will take you down in a hurry.


5. Pool Billiard

pool billiard html5

When you can’t get to the pool parlor, play a quick game of Pool Billiard in your web browser. Aim and shoot to pocket all colored pool balls before sinking the black 8-ball.

You can get extra points by hitting the balls in their numbered order, but that is quite a challenge. If you are up to a test of your aiming and strategy skills on the pool table, chalk up your cue.

6. Sports Mahjong

sports mahjong html5


Sports Mahjong is a take on the classic game with the twist of a sports theme. Gameplay is as normal where you match open tiles to clear the board. The game has upbeat music, a shuffle option, and hints if you get stuck.

If you enjoy Mahjong and look for variations with unusual themes, Sports Mahjong is an excellent addition to your non-Flash game collection.

7. Time Connect

time connect html5

For a different type of matching game, Time Connect challenges you to connect tiles with a restriction. You must match two tiles that have a clear path between them with no more than two 90-degree angles.

Your goal is to clear the board and move onto the next challenge while scoring as highly as you can. The game has helpful hints, handy shuffles, and a cute timepiece theme.

8. Maya Pyramid Solitaire

maya pyramid solitaire html5

For another of the games that don’t need Flash, Maya Pyramid Solitaire is an enjoyable one that makes you think quickly.

To succeed, you must match two or more cards that equal 11 to clear the game board within the allotted time. You can combine the cards from the deck on the bottom as well as those on the board. Three jokers, which act as wildcards, can save you if you get stuck.

9. Badland

badland html5

If you aren’t familiar with Badland, it’s a wonderful adventure available on mobile devices, Steam, and gaming consoles. This side-scrolling platformer takes you into a mysterious and eerie world.

Your goal is to fly through the dark forest while watching out for enemy dwellers and dangerous traps. The HTML5 version of Badland has many challenging levels and missions, spooky sound effects, and fantastic imagery.

10. Galaga Special Edition

galaga special edition html5

OK, Galaga and space-shooter fans, it’s your turn for an online game without Flash. Galaga Special Edition is a fun HTML5 version of the classic shooter with great visual and audio effects. You’ll feel like you are back at the arcade with a pocket full of quarters.

Fly, blast, and maneuver through 25 unique stages. Earn bonuses, unlock achievements, score big, and, of course, prepare for the big boss battles.

11. Tentrix

tentrix html5

It sounds like Tetris, looks like Tetris, but is completely different than Tetris. This game is called Tentrix and your goal is to use the differently-shaped pieces to eliminate rows and columns on the board.

With each round, you receive three pieces to place and must fit each one in to continue. Once you fill the board and cannot make another move, the game is over. If you like free online puzzle games 20 Cool Puzzle Games You Can Play Free in Your Browser Browser-based games are perfect for a quick casual game. Pick one from these quick puzzle games to stimulate your brain. Read More , then Tentrix is the one for you.

12. King of Thieves

king of thieves html5

King of Thieves is an addictive platform adventure created by the makers of Cut the Rope. In each of the levels, you’ll need to plan and show some great clicking or tapping skills. You must maneuver around obstacles and enemies while bouncing off walls to make your way to the treasure chest.

Crazy characters, dangerous cannons, and scary spikes are everywhere… so time your moves carefully.

Who Needs Flash for Awesome Games?

With awesome browser games like these, you can stop worrying about not having Adobe Flash. Plus, be sure to browse around on the sites referenced for these games because they each have tons of other fun options available.

For more nifty games without Flash, check out our list of the best Google Doodle games The Best Google Doodle Games to Pass Time An interactive Google Doodle game can liven up your day. Here are the best Google Doodle games that you can play in a few seconds. Read More .

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