htaccess Tester: Test htaccess Rules Online

htaccess or hypertext access is the default name of a directory level configuration file for Apache servers. These files are used to specify security restrictions for a specific directory so a greater control can be implied. If you want to test your htaccess rules but don’t want to go through an elaborate effort, htaccess Tester provides a quick alternative.

Simply enter the URL you want to apply changes to, and then paste the contents of your htaccess in the provided space. Once submitted, the tool will perform the commands or return errors for the statements it does not understand. No registration is required to use this tool and a few commands that are not yet supported are also highlighted.

test htaccess rules


  • Test htaccess rewrite rules for web servers.
  • Provides an output URL and debugging info.
  • Does not support all the functions yet.
  • No registration required.

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