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If you are learning English languare or even if you are proficient at it, from time to time you might encounter some words whose pronunciation you might not be certain about. In cases like this it is better to find out the right pronunciation. Enter Howjsay. It is a free web-based talking dictionary of English Pronunciation that can help you with the pronunciation. Type in any English word (or saying) and listen to how it should be pronounced.

Howjsay - Pronunciation Dictionary

If you mistyped a word, it offers other existing words with similar letters. For every word it lists similar words. Simply click on any of them to listen how they are pronounced. You can type in one or several entries separated by semi-colons (e.g. cat; cut; cart), which is handy in cases where you want to compare pronunciation of multiple similar words.

There are currently more than 165000 entries in this talking dictionary, so it is very comprehensive and most likely contains any English word you might be interested in. Each word from their database is individually pre-recorded and no form of synthetic speech is used. So if you type in a word that doesn’t exist in their list, it simply won’t pronounce it.

It is available online and for iOS and Android mobile platforms.


  • Contains more than 165000 entries
  • Enter multiple words simultaneously, separated by semi-colons
  • Mouse over the search results to hear them pronounced
  • Each word is individually pre-recorded and no form of synthetic speech is used
  • Offers both American and British versions
  • Free, no registration needed
  • Available online and for iOS and Android mobile platforms

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