How Would The World Look Like Without PowerPoint? Projeqt Gives A Clue

Saikat Basu 24-10-2013

You have to give a second glance to a web application which is a 2013 Webby Awards Honoree. Projeqt walked the red carpet to claim not one but two nominations – Best User Experience and Web Services and Applications. So, it seems improper to just start this article and say it is a PowerPoint alternative. It would be better to describe it – as the application sees itself – as a creative storytelling tool.


Now, I have nothing against PowerPoint. We have explored creative uses of PowerPoint 5 Creative Uses Of PowerPoint Presentations You Haven't Explored Yet Microsoft PowerPoint can do much more than boring presentations. It’s PowerPoint 2013’s time now and the search for creative and uncommon uses of PowerPoint continues. Here are five. Read More before. And things are also moving fast in the realm of online alternatives to PowerPoint 7 Free PowerPoint Alternatives for Your Presentation Needs Microsoft PowerPoint is great, but what if you can't afford it? Here are the best free PowerPoint alternatives for presentations. Read More . So, we are not limited to a few choice tools to give our creativity free expression. PowerPoint really gets a bad rep because it is used (usually) without imagination. Take the pains to make a memorable presentation Avoid Murder By PowerPoint: How To Make Your Presentations Compelling And Memorable Most of us have created a PowerPoint and done a presentation (or will at some point) and yet it is likely to be one of the most poorly done things on a computer. Bad PowerPoint... Read More , and you can help to turn that image around.

Projeqt makes the process of creating beautiful presentations more intuitive and dynamic. Best of all — it works on all screens (mobile and browser) and platforms. Let’s see just how it does that.

A Typical Projeqt Presentation

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty of creating Projeqt presentations, let us look at some of the best ones so you have an idea how a typical Projeqt looks like.

  • Martin Hernandez – A photography portfolio.
  • Francesco Fiondella – Predicting the rains.
  • The British Red Cross – Fight against hunger and disease.

These are just three samples I picked up. You can find many more on the Projeqt Blog.


Sign Up For Free & Get Into a Projeqt Presentation

Projeqt may seem like a PowerPoint alternative but it gives you more capabilities without the learning curve of Microsoft’s presentation tool. The two main features are…

Dynamic Content: The ability to add dynamic real-time content from all your favorite services allows you to create rich presentations. You can pull in images from Flickr, interactive maps, live tweets, blog feeds, Instagram snaps, Vimeo and YouTube videos, and a few more.

Stacks: In a significant departure from the concept of “traditional” slides, Projeqt has stacks. Stacks are layers of content (or dynamic slides) you can group together to explore some specific part of your presentation in greater detail. Stacks allows you to create deeper layers and link multiple presentations together.

Dynamic content helps to create automatic presentations which may not even need a presenter to narrate what’s unfolding on the screen. Projeqt essentially becomes a visual storytelling tool in the hands of a creative mind.


Creating Your First Projeqt


You can give a new Projeqt a name, a description, and a few tags. The Projeqt interface is intuitive. As you can see, all you have to do is bring in the elements you want to include in your presentation. But first, you can get used to the Theme Editor and customize the look of your presentation. Along with the tabs for layout, color palette, fonts, and background, you will notice a tab for Branding. You can add your own custom logo or keep it blank by unchecking the display of the default Projeqt logo.


The following screenshot shows you the range of static and dynamic content you can add to your Projeqt presentation. This is the canvas where you begin to assemble your content and create your presentation.



There are two ways to build up your Projeqt presentation. You can use the content types to create linear slides or group related slides into stacks. Each slide can be customized individually. The creative possibilities are wide open. You can pull in media from different sources and build an interactive presentation in minutes. The choice of media and how you arrange (or stack) them is all there is to the story you are trying to create. Unlike PowerPoint, you won’t be handicapped if you do not have the skills of a graphic artist.


You can view your Projeqt anytime and test it out with the multiple views (grid, linear, present) that the application offers. The same choices are offered to the viewer as well. Though there is no automatic animation like a packaged PowerPoint presentation, browsing through the slides and stacks is easy with the arrow keys on the keyboard. The advantage of control is in the hands of the viewer. 


Projeqt presentations are tightly integrated with social media during the creation process. This integration continues when the presentation is ready. You can share it with an email and on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. Presentations can also be embedded on blogs, websites, and forums. All presentations you create are kept in your account and the responsiveness of the design makes it accessible across all devices – desk bound or mobile.

Your Own Real Time Presentations

The absence of a learning curve and the real-time dashboard are the two highlights of the program. The automatic responsiveness of the design across devices is always a plus when we are going mobile in increasing numbers. More than business, for these very reasons, I feel that Projeqt is acutely suited for educational slideshows. Also, creatives like photographers and designers can showcase their work easily using it as an online gallery.

Projeqt is still on the runway. There are some freemium plans that seem to be in the offing which could allow for greater customization at a price. One of the features I would definitely look forward to is a more expansive publicly shared Projeqt gallery for inspirational presentations from users around the world.

What’s your take on Projeqt? How do you compare it to other online PowerPoint alternatives 4 Excellent Browser-Based Alternatives to PowerPoint Did you know people still actually use presentation software for work purposes? It’s true! In this age of always-on cloud connectivity, more and more browser-based solutions exist. You don’t even need PowerPoint installed on your... Read More ? Do you think it has sufficient appeal to be a standout candidate?

Image Credits: Jeff Kubina Via Flickr

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  1. Annabelle
    April 10, 2018 at 9:56 am

    Sadly Projeqt is shut down now :'(

    But you can use a similar updated platform we've just finished called SlideCamp!
    It's nice because it has a library of loads of slides which you can mix in any order, then use directly in PowerPoint :)

    We're really hoping that SlideCamp will be the future of PowerPoint everywhere - we've worked really hard to make it super effective for everyone.

  2. Xoandre
    November 9, 2013 at 5:38 pm

    Funny thing about some of us in Gen X. Many of us have never used PowerPoint, as it did not exist until after we had finished college, and thus was never something taught in schools. Many of my classmates from high school and college had a rough time learning the program and are doing fine now, but I, personally, have never even opened the program nor ever needed to own or use it.

    In short, there is no point to PowerPoint for me.

    • Saikat B
      November 9, 2013 at 6:35 pm

      Unless someone needs to give presentations, or anything around that, there's no use for it. But PowerPoint and its alternatives have a role to play in today's world where visual communication is important as well.

  3. James B
    October 24, 2013 at 4:25 pm

    Dynamic content strikes me as kind of worthless for a presentation tool, where you're supposed to know what's on your own slides beforehand. "Here's some pictures from my Flickr stream of my visit to Africa! Oh, no, wait, it's automatically updated to my holiday in China. Hang on, sorry, let me just, wait a minute.."

    Given that Keynote is free, online, and collaborative - for anyone with a free iCloud email address - I see absolutely no reason why anyone would use this limited alternative. Or PowerPoint, for that matter. At least a tool like Prezzi brings something new to the table. This - this brings nothing.