How Would the World be Different Without Space Travel?

ROFL 18-03-2016

Travel to space You Won't Believe The Things You'll Find in Outer Space Read More has certainly brought humans a lot more than just knowledge How to Improve Your Knowledge & Skills with Crowd Wisdom You can crowdsource your way to better skills -- by learning with the crowd and benefiting from the mass of interconnected experiences. Here are a few crowdsourcing websites that show us the way. Read More about what’s beyond our atmosphere.

As it turns out, quite a few the things we use all the time in our daily lives 5 Technologies to Make Sure Your Data Lives Forever They say that on the internet, nothing ever goes away. In reality, almost all of our data is slowly being lost. Can we protect our media for future generations? Read More might not have been invented if they weren’t first needed to help with reaching outer space.

It sounds crazy, but check out the infographic below for a slew of things that wouldn’t exist if we didn’t make it to space.

Via satellitebroadbanduk [Broken URL Removed]

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  1. Suleiman
    March 18, 2016 at 2:25 pm

    Great reading, thanks for sharing. When we start to see things as necessity, our brains rush to invent things to resolve the issues. Space explorations had and still is intriguing us and we respond by coming up with new ideas and inventions. I wonder if my texting, youtubing and netflixing kids ever realize that there is a space out there. They don't even look up when talking to me lol