How Unique Is Your Logo? Let This AI Analyze It

Nancy Messieh 31-08-2017

Can an AI judge design? The online deep learning tool Logo Rank aims to do just that. Using a special algorithm, Logo Rank scores your logo on three main criteria:

  1. Uniqueness
  2. Legibility
  3. Color/contrast

You can test the site with a random logo (just keep hitting that random button to see more examples) or you can upload your own logo and let the algorithm do its magic. (To get the most out of the site, logos should be in a square format, otherwise part of the logo will be cropped out.)

It goes without saying that this tool, even though useful for getting a sense of where your logo might be lacking, is ultimately just an algorithm.

Some of the world’s most recognizable logos have gotten low scores for uniqueness. For example, despite the Apple logo getting a low score, you still know exactly what it represents every time you see it. Use this tool as a guideline and nothing more.

How Unique Is Your Logo? Let This AI Analyze It LogoRank

As the creators say: “Ultimately, these are simple rules of thumb — there are many well-designed brands that don’t adhere to these standards. Knowing when to depart from the norm comes down to human judgement, which is still beyond current AI.”


So why use Logo Rank?

The real merit is being able to compare your logo to a massive database of over 1 million icons and getting feedback on how unique it is. If your logo designer relied on stock icons, for example, then you’ll know right away thanks to Logo Rank.

As a general rule of thumb, the less unique your logo, the less it’ll stand out in people’s minds.

Website: Logo Rank

What do you think of Logo Rank? Is it worth adding to your branding arsenal or do you think an AI simply can’t be a judge of good design. Let us know in the comments.

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