How to Write a Cover Letter

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When you submit a resume, do you always include a cover letter? In almost all cases, it is appropriate and wise. The letter allows you to introduce yourself, personalize your interest in the company, address points that do not belong on a resume and make yourself stand out.


If you need a little assistance, here’s how to write a cover letter, along with tips and templates to help get you started.

Customize Your Cover Letter

One of the first things to remember about writing a cover letter is that you should tailor it to the specific position. While using a template does help, you should always customize it for the job and company.

The template should be your starting point, not the end result with only minor tweaks.

From Glassdoor online:

“When starting to write any cover letter, it is always best to plan the content of your letter based on the requirements of the job you’re applying for.”

If you plan to use a template, you also want to choose the correct one for the letter. For example, some include salary requirements while others work better for the creative field.


Have a Solid Opening

Some sources say that if you start a cover letter by saying that you are applying for X job that you saw in X advertisement, it is a waste of text. Of course, you must state the position you are applying for.

The opening should cover why you are writing and provide a brief idea of who you are. But be sure to stand out when you say why you want the job and why you are the right fit for it.

As writes:

“To grab a recruiter’s attention, a good narrative — with a killer opening line — is everything.”

You should think through your opening carefully and show your personality, but avoid corny humor. Be clear, concise, and confident.


Know the Company

Take the time to research the company you are applying at 5 Tips To Research A Company Before You Sit Down For A Job Interview Companies aren't just looking for another grunt worker to add to their team - they want someone who's excited, motivated, and eager to contribute to said company's mission. You aren't the only one interviewing, so... Read More so that you can express how your experience can help. Plus, having knowledge of the company is ideal for when you land an interview.

As Harvard Business Review puts it:

“Hiring managers are looking for people who can help them solve problems… show that you know what the company does and some of the challenges it faces.”

When you have information about the company and their needs, you can then highlight your relevant skills and achievements to show why you are the person for the job.

End With Enthusiasm

In your final paragraph, include your contact information, express your enthusiasm, and state if you plan to follow up. offers this advice for the closing:


“If you will wait for their reply, tell them that. If you will be following up, tell them when they can expect to hear from you. Don’t drop the ball on your first promise to a potential employer, though.”

If you are including additional material with your cover letter and resume, such as a portfolio or sample of your work, be sure to mention this as well. And of course, thank your reader for their consideration

While your opening should grab their attention, your closing should also be strong and clear.

Other Tips

Here are additional tips to keep in mind when crafting your cover letter:

How Not to Write a Cover Letter

Knowing how to write a cover letter for a job is essential. But just as important is how not to write a cover letter. Here are just a handful of those things you should leave out when composing your letter.

  • Overused phrases like self-starter, detail-oriented, and team player
  • Unnecessary details such as activities you enjoy, personal history, and information unrelated to the job
  • Negative comments about current or previous employers and companies
  • Untruths about your skills, qualifications, and experience
  • Salary requirements or expectations unless specifically requested

How to Write a Cover Letter With a Template

Along with knowing how to write a cover letter that targets the job you want, is the appearance of it. This is another important part of creating your letter so that it has a clean and professional appearance.

Keep It Simple

Microsoft Office online has one of the nicest selections of cover letter templates beginning with this simple design. Just swap out the text on the template with your own.

cover letter template simple office

Add Some Color

If you want a little splash of color on your cover letter, this next one from Microsoft Office is a good choice. Remember, a small amount of color is fine as long as you do not overdo it. If you prefer another color, Office also has green and blue options.

cover letter template violet office

Include Salary Requirements

For a cover letter in response to an advertisement asking that you include salary requirements, this template from Microsoft Office is ideal. The template includes language that addresses the salary, along with employment history, but you can adjust it, of course.

Cover Letter with Salary Requirements

Be Creative

If you are applying for a position that involves design or another creative field, you may prefer a cover letter to match, especially if you believe the hiring manager expects it. This one lets you express your creativity while still maintaining a professional appearance.

cover letter template creative office

Use a Style

Maybe you are looking for a particular style of cover letter. For instance, the Dublin design is often used for those lacking experience while the Chicago design is suitable for those with management experience. Each has different formatting to accompany the highlights of the style.

For eight free downloadable templates that include Dublin, Chicago, Milano, and Harvard, check out the selection from ResumeGenuis. You can download an entire pack from each design with various color options that include helpful prompts.

cover letter template chicago resume genius

Find Your Industry

When what you really need is a template plus a sample with helpful text for that specific position, review these options on You can download cover letter templates for jobs in nursing, education, retail, technology, business development, and other fields.

The sample text is provided to help you, but remember that you can change it easily to suit your skills and experience.

cover letter template sample

Ready, Set, Write

Now that you know how to write a cover letter, hopefully, the additional tips and templates will help you on your way to a great letter that leads to an interview. Just remember to use the cover letter to tell your story, briefly but with confidence.

And for some help creating your resume, take a look at these resume templates for Word 20 Free Resume Templates for Word That'll Help You Land a Job These free Microsoft Word resume templates will get you off to a great start with your job search. Create a standout resume that fits you. Read More or other resume templates for Photoshop Illustrator 15 Free Creative Resume Templates for Photoshop and Illustrator A stunning application can be the first step in landing your dream job. We have compiled the best free professional resume templates for Photoshop and Illustrator. Some packages include cover letter and business card templates. Read More .

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