How to Whitelist Email Addresses in GMX

Joel Lee 19-07-2016

Did you know that there are so many free email providers out there other than Gmail? And with all of the recent concerns about Google’s privacy breaches How To Clear Your Data From Google & Attempt To Regain Some Of Your Privacy Wiping all trace of you from the web is not easy, but after reading Dragnet Nation by Julia Angwin you might just want to try. It's time to stop willingly throwing away your privacy. Read More and its intent to scan emails for security reasons The Gmail Panopticon: The End of Privacy as We Know It? Your emails are being read. What does this mean for online privacy going forward? Read More , it may be time to switch.


Well, GMX is one of the best email accounts for privacy The Best Free Email Accounts You Need to Consider Everyone knows about Gmail. If you think that's the best free email account out there, you're underestimating all the other services. You have options and we have the details. Read More and you should consider switching to it if you haven’t already. It’s not perfect, of course, but it may be better than nothing.

Once switched, you may run into problems where emails are being filtered or marked spam for some reason. To get around this problem, just create a whitelist.


In GMX, whitelisting an email address is very simple.

  • Open an email from the address you want to whitelist.
  • Look at the “From:” field.
  • Click the Sender’s Name with the blue Plus icon.
  • Input a first and last name for the sender.
  • Click OK and you’re done.

Whitelisted email addresses won’t be marked as spam anymore. To manually whitelist more email addresses, click Contacts at the very top, then click New Contact, input the details, and click Save. Done.


Did it work? If it didn’t, comment below to get some help! Otherwise, let us know what you like best about using GMX over other email services. We want to know!

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  1. Anonymous
    July 21, 2016 at 4:20 pm

    I was intrigued by your comments about GMX so went ahead & opened an account. The interface is pleasant, and the features are good to impressive. However, after logging out & I tried to log back in but could not, not even after changing my password.
    Looked around on internet and found this page:

    At 1st it did not match with your comments, and various other reviews I had read. But now, with my user experience I am beginning to wonder.

    All this is not your fault, and you may well have a good UX, but take note of others' comments too.

    • Anonymous
      July 30, 2016 at 8:40 am

      Update: I finally figured out that not being able to log in was purely my own fault because I was using a username that was slightly different from the one I had registered. Reason: unknown, let's say my sloppiness.

      To answer your question at the end of the article, there are a number of things I like about GMX, not ordered for importance.
      1. you can have up to 10 aliases
      2. it is possible to set a delay between clicking the "send" button & actually having the message sent by the program
      3. the UI, which is pleasant to the eye & to use
      4. "mail collector" makes it possible to download messages from non-GMX sites, which makes it possible to handle everything from GMX. I know Gmail, amongst others, offers this option too, but it is nice GMX does.
      5. ability to organise contacts in groups
      6. there is only 1 ad box on the home page & it is unobtrusive therefore acceptable
      7. the organiser is clear & includes a smaller box with a month calendar & week numbers. you can even add another calendar (e.g. google's) by adding the URL.

      I use Thunderbird to organise all my accounts in 1 app. I could do that in GMX too, am actually tempted by it, but am a bit worried about privacy. In other articles written by you, you say GMX is one of the best email services for privacy & imply they don't scan messages, but is that true? I have not been able to ascertain that from their privacy policy. Do you have any other source to confirm that?