How to Watch YouTube Videos in Sync With Friends Online
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Sadly, life will often take us away from our friends and loved ones. Whether it’s a move for work, or just something in life that causes the distance between you and ones you care about to grow, finding ways to keep you and your friends close is important.

That’s where ShareTube comes into play. It allows you to watch any YouTube video in perfect sync with anyone no matter where they are.

All you need to do is head to and name the room that you want your friends to join. From there, you choose a username and hit “Enter.” Now, you can friends the link or just tell them the name and have them enter it one the ShareTube homepage.


Once in a room, you can search for videos on in the box below the player, or type in a YouTube video directly. When you find one you want, click add to queue, and it’ll appear in the shared playlist.

On the right of the screen there’s a small chat box where you and friends can share your opinions on the videos or just chat. It’s almost like sitting around watching videos with them in person!

Note: Due to the popularity of the relatively new tool, it does load a little slowly on the homepage, but once you get into a room, it worked well in our experience.

What kinds of YouTube videos do you like watching your friends? Let us know in the comments!

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