How to View Instagram “Stories” (or Videos) on Desktop PCs
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With its latest feature, Instagram is openly wading into Snapchat territory. The newly available Instagram Stories gives users the ability to share short videos that will last only 24 hours before disappearing into the ether.

The feature, however, is limited to Instagram’s mobile apps and can’t be viewed in desktop browsers. Chrome users, however, can take advantage of a handy extension to get Instagram Stories in their browsers.

So how do you view these Stories in your browser? After you install Chrome IG Stories on your browser, you should be able to view your friends’ stories at the top of your Instagram feed, exactly as they appear in the mobile apps.


If they don’t appear after refreshing Instagram there are a couple of tricks you can try to get them to show up. If you’re already logged in to Instagram, simply log out and log back in again. That has resolved the problem for many, myself included.

If you are running any sort of ad blocking extensions in Chrome, you will also need to whitelist Instagram in order for Chrome IG Story to work for you.

While Instagram Stories don’t have the filters available to Snapchat users, they do allow Instagram users to use text and drawing tools to add a bit of personality to their posts. Instagram Stories are very useful for brands and personalities who don’t want to flood their followers but want to share more behind-the-scenes or fun posts.

To find out more about Instagram Stories, check out Instagram’s video announcing the new feature:

What do you think of Chrome IG Stories? Does it matter to be able to view them in your desktop browser? Let us know in the comments. 

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