How to Unlock the Secret Administrator Account in Windows

Ben Stegner 21-10-2015

The Windows Administrator Account is a useful tool Windows Administrator Account: Everything You Need to Know Starting with Windows Vista, the built-in Windows Administrator account is disabled by default. You can enable it, but do so at your own risk! We show you how. Read More you can use for finding and repairing issues — but starting with Vista, Microsoft disabled the account due to the User Account Control feature. With UAC, any user account can temporarily run programs as Administrator, making the Windows Administrator Account obsolete.


Or is it?

If you want full administrator access for good, and you aren’t content with disabling UAC Stop Annoying UAC Prompts - How To Create A User Account Control Whitelist [Windows] Ever since Vista, we Windows users have been pestered, bugged, annoyed, and tired of the User Account Control (UAC) prompt telling us a program is starting up that we intentionally launched. Sure, it has improved,... Read More , then you can actually unlock the hidden Administrator account.

Open a Command Prompt as administrator by opening the search bar, typing CMD, right-clicking on the Command Prompt, and choosing Run as Administrator. Then type this line:

net user administrator /active:yes


Next time you log out or restart your computer, you’ll see the new Administrator account to use. By default it doesn’t have a password, so set one if you plan on using it — however, unless you really need this account for a specific reason, it’s best not to use it as a primary account due to security vulnerabilities.

There’s a reason Microsoft doesn’t want you accessing this. Windows XP had a lot of problems with its Administrator account, and while UAC can be annoying, it’s a much safer solution overall.

If you want to disable the Administrator account when you’re done, open another Command Prompt as Administrator and use the reverse command:

net user administrator /active:no

Hopefully you’ll never have to utilize this account, but now you know how if you ever need it. Remember that many Windows issues can be fixed by creating a new account Fix Windows Issues by Creating a New User Account Have you been troubleshooting a Windows issue to no avail? Creating a new user account could be your last resort. It's tricky, but we'll show you how to do it right. Read More .

Do you use the Windows Administrator account? What do you think of User Account Control? Drop a comment with your thoughts!

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  1. Moses
    January 26, 2019 at 11:33 am

    I have an issue with my PC. I can't install any software as the UAC is not allowing me to run as administrator. Please what can I do?

  2. Timothy S Davis
    July 31, 2016 at 3:26 pm

    You should never use an account with administrator privileges as your main/daily account
    Create a separate account that's only purpose is to perform admin tasks such as installing drivers or programs

  3. Anonymous
    July 31, 2016 at 12:50 am

    With Windows security issues, using admin account should only be used for very limited options. Being log in as admin will also let nasty stuff in easier, if you are not careful. Most people will be better off with just using the user account for most of their computing.

  4. Anonymous
    October 21, 2015 at 8:45 pm

    Does using the admin account exclusively prevent you from using windows apps? That's what happened to me when I did it in windows 8. They all demanded I use an actual user account.