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How to Streamline the Way You Share Screenshots on Twitter

Nancy Messieh 12-02-2016

Including an image with your tweet makes it more likely to be retweeted. So why not make that process as easy as possible? Luckily there are a few services that strive to do just that.


We’ve put together a list of apps and websites which make it easy to take screenshots, or pull images from links, and share them to Twitter. Best of all — you can do all this without saving the images to your computer or phone.

Chrome Extension: Capture, Explain and Share

The Chrome Extension Capture, Explain and Share, does exactly what the name says. With this extension you can take a screenshot of a selected area in your browser, the visible part of your page, the entire page, or even the entire screen.


You can then crop and annotate the screenshot, share it in a variety of ways, and save it to your computer or Google Drive.



The best thing about this extension is that when you share the image on your Twitter or Facebook accounts, you don’t have to save the file to your computer. All you have to do is copy the image – right click it, and select ‘Copy Image,’ or use the shortcut Control/Command-C. Once you’re on Twitter (or Facebook), paste it into the update box by right-clicking and selecting ‘Paste Image,’ or use the shortcut Control/Command-V. That will upload the image to your social media profile, ready to share at the click of a button.


If you’re interested in sharing the images available on the webpage, rather than a specific screenshot from that site, the website Twitshot [No Longer Available] will get the job done.

Just paste the link of the web page straight into Twitshot, and it will extract the images available on that page. If there are multiple images, you can select the specific photo you want to use.



Twitshot allows you to share the image on Twitter as if you had saved the image to your computer. It especially works great with photo sharing sites like Instagram and Flickr.

Twitshot gives you the same capabilities available in your desktop browser with its free iOS app [No Longer Available].

If you copy a link on your phone and launch Twitshot, the app will ask you if you want to use it. Once you agree, it will allow you to swipe through all the available images on that page to share with your tweet. You can also crop the image to optimize it for sharing on Twitter.



With the iOS app, you can also hit the menu button to pull up more options. You can schedule the tweet, or even share the image using other apps you have installed on your phone including Facebook.


If you’re looking for an app that offers similar features, but is more robust check out Buffer, which automatically pulls in images included with the link you’re sharing. Buffer also offers users features like analytics, and the ability to add text to images Meet Pablo by Buffer: Create Stunning Images With Text for Social Networks You've probably seen people on social media sharing inspirational quotes or great one-liners on a beautiful background. Want to create your own? Meet Pablo. Read More . Buffer also allows you to share the images to more than just Twitter with native Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn support.

OneShot or Xcerpt

Another option available to iOS users is OneShot. The app, which was created by former Twitter execs, makes it easy to share an excerpt from an article as a screenshot.


With OneShot, you will have to save the screenshot to your phone before you can use it. After you’ve taken a screenshot of the article using the iPhone’s native screenshot feature The Ultimate Guide on How to Take a Screenshot Most people would think taking a screenshot was a simple and straightforward process, and that it would be much the same on every platform they encounter. Well, they'd be wrong. The process of taking screenshots... Read More , you can crop it to the text you want to share and you can even highlight a specific sentence for emphasis.


You can then select the highlight and background color, and share it on your Twitter account. OneShot will automagically discover the link based on your screenshot.


Android users looking for a similar app can give Xcerpt [No Longer Available] a try.

Why You Should Tweet with Images

There are two very good reasons to include images in some of your tweets. According to Twitter’s own study, tweets with images average a 35 percent boost in retweets, and gets 313 percent more engagement than other tweets.

Using the Chrome extension, Capture, Explain and Share, OneShot, or Xcerpt, to share a screenshot from an article ahoows you to share a large chunk of text without worrying about Twitter’s 140-character limit. This is very useful if you’re interested in highlighting a quote in an article but it’s too long.

Twitter also has a great list of ways brands can use images to boost engagement, including using images as a competition, using a Kill Cliff tweet as a good example:

Twitter also recommends using graphs, infographics, or charts to make large amounts of data more accessible. You can also use images to showcase products or give followers a behind-the-scenes peek.

Additionally, you can tag other users in your Twitter images Twitter Gives You Photo Tagging & Four Photos With Each Share Twitter rolled out two fresh "photo enhancing" features that ramp up your social friendships. Now, you can tag the people in your photos and include up to four photos in a Tweet. Read More . This is a great way to notify other users of tweets you might want them to share, without using up any of the 140 characters you have in the tweet.

How do you include screenshots or images with your tweets? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Anonymous
    February 13, 2016 at 9:46 am

    ShareX ( is another open source alternative if you are using Windows. Which allows to capture/record screen and tweet with single hotkey.

    • Nancy Messieh
      March 9, 2016 at 4:18 pm

      Thanks for the tip!