How to Stop Twitter From Pushing “Best Tweets” on Your Feed
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Twitter is a constantly changing service. While it remains a place for people to share short thoughts at its core, it certainly has expanded, with all kinds of new features being added all the time.

While some users are excited to see new features added, there’s no way Twitter can appeal to everyone. One of the more controversial things the social media service is doing is adding more algorithm to the feed.

Instead of a constant stream of the latest tweets, a new feature called “Best Tweets” is pushing posts that Twitter thinks you’ll like to the front.


If you want to get rid of this feature on iOS and keep your timeline pure, there’s a tucked-away setting that you can toggle.

You need to go click the Me tab, then tap the Gear icon, followed by Settings. From here, tap the Twitter profile you want to change, then click Timeline personalization, then turn off the tick box next to Show me best Tweets first. If you want it back, do the same, but turn the tick box on.

What do you think about Best Tweets in the Twitter timeline? Do you prefer to keep your Tweets in the standard order? Let us know!

Image Credit: Bloomua via ShutterStock

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