How to Share Spotify Tracks Right Within Facebook Messenger
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Did you know that you can chat on Facebook without going to Facebook? All you need is something called Facebook Messenger, which is available as a separate website, as a mobile app, and as a desktop app.

And the cool thing is that Facebook Messenger has a lot of little quality-of-life features that can, well, improve your quality of life. For example, with just 14 keystrokes, you could be playing Chess right inside Messenger with any of your friends.

Other cool features exist too, like the recently-added ability to share Spotify tracks and play them from right inside the Messenger.


All you have to do is hit the More button at the bottom right. (It looks like three dots.) After selecting Spotify from the list, you can choose to share the currently playing song, a recently played song, or any song from Spotify’s entire library.

Once shared, you can tap the song in the chat and it will start playing in Spotify. This doesn’t work in the desktop version of Messenger for now, but I’m sure that feature is coming soon enough. It wouldn’t make sense if it didn’t.

Just beware that Facebook’s apps tend to kill battery life, so even though it’s a nice feature, using Messenger may come with a big cost.

Do you use Facebook Messenger? If not, does this make you more likely to? Let us know in the comments.

Image Credit: Spotify on Mobile by Denys Prykhodov via Shutterstock

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