How to Share Google Drive URLs the Smart & Easy Way
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There are tons of reasons to use Google Forms and other Google Drive software, many of them due to how easy it is to share and collaborate with others. When sharing on Google Drive, you can choose to make the file public to anyone, share it only with certain email addresses, or make it available to anyone with the link.

This link sharing option is popular because it doesn’t require you to micromanage everyone who has access — perfect for when you want an open response like when creating surveys.

It’s easy enough to shoot the URL to the file to someone in an email or social media message, but what if you want to print your document out or give a presentation with the link?

For those times, using a URL shortener is the best idea for making Google Drive files easier to share. Instead of 100+ character monstrosities that are ugly to look at and impossible to remember or type, using a URL shortener like TinyURL or makes them much more manageable.

Simply copy and paste the long link for the file you want to share and paste it into these services to get a digestible link — TinyURL even lets you customize it!

If you do this all the time, take it a step further by using the Chrome Extension. This lets you shorten a link on any webpage with one click, and even lets you make it into a QR code — perfect for presentations! There are lots of other URL shortener extensions if this one doesn’t do the trick for you.

Like the idea of shortening URLs? Check out all the benefits of setting up your own URL shortener.

Do you shorten your Drive URLs, or do you have a better solution? Let us know if you found this useful in the comments!

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  1. Marc
    April 13, 2016 at 2:15 pm

    OK, I don't want to be rude or so...

    ... but do you know, that there is a similar Extension for Firefox and that your "belove Chrome" is a russian and arabic phenomenon?

    NOBODY here in europe uses this browser.