How to Save Extra Pocket Money With No Effort Every Day
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Saving money is something that’s easy to gloss over, so you have to be deliberate about it and contribute consistently. Using apps and websites to save is a great way to automate the process, but there’s one particular app that makes it super easy: Digit.

This free SMS-based system is great for set-it-and-forget-it savings. Simply link your checking account (over 2,500 banks are supported) and Digit will analyze your spending habits. A few times per week, the app withdraws a small amount of money into your Digit savings, and alerts you by SMS how much the service is saving you every week.

Digit’s system is better than just saving an arbitrary amount, since your spending needs vary from month to month. Possible uses include a “rainy day” fund, saving for a big purchase, or putting money into a vacation account.

You can withdraw money at any time by texting Digit “Withdraw $[amount]” and the money will be transferred back to your checking account.

All funds placed in Digit are FDIC-insured for up to $250,000 and are secured by standard measures. The service also includes a no-overdraft guarantee — if they cause you to overdraft your checking, Digit will pay the fees. Also, for every $100 you keep in Digit for three months, you earn five cents. It’s not much, but better than nothing.

Digit is only available in the U.S. right now, but there are plans to eventually expand. If you have trouble saving money, Digit is a great solution that does the work for you.

Once you’ve saved up a lot, consider getting started in investing as well.

Will you try saving with Digit? How much have you saved so far? Try the service and leave your thoughts below!

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