How to Reset Windows 10’s Built-In Screenshot Counter
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There are all kinds of ways to grab a picture of what you see on your screen, but if you prefer sticking to built-in tools, we recently showed you how to automatically send new Windows 10 screenshots to OneDrive.

By default, these screenshots are named the generic “Screenshot” followed by a number (like “Screenshot (1)”). This is a simple way to differentiate your pictures, but if you take several screenshots for one purpose and want to clear them out, those numbers won’t restart even if you delete everything in the folder.

If you’d like to make these automated file names start over at 1, you can easily do so.

You’ll need to edit a Registry value to do this, so be sure not to mess with any files except the ones you need, and consider backing up the Registry before you start, because you can really screw up your PC if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Open the Start menu, type “regedit”, and press Enter to launch the Registry editor. Use the navigation tree on the left side to narrow down to this folder:


Now in this folder, browse the right panel and find the value called ScreenshotIndex. Double-click this, and where you see the Value Data box, enter the number you want your screenshots to restart at (1 makes sense).

Exit the Registry when you’re done and you’re good to go! New screenshots will start at the number you specificed, and if you didn’t empty the folder beforehand, the numbers already present will be skipped.

This fix only applied to the built-in screenshot method for Windows 10, so check out other awesome screenshot tools if you need something more powerful.

How do you take screenshots? Let us know if this counter is something that’s ever bothered you in the comments!

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