How to Recalibrate Your Netflix Recommendations
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One of the nice things about Netflix, at least in theory, is that it can figure out exactly what you want to watch: based on your viewing patterns and rating patterns, it will recommend other shows that you might like.

In practice, however, it isn’t always perfect. Maybe one day you decide to watch an unusual movie that ends up skewing Netflix’s perception of your tastes, which leads to a bunch of weird recommendations.

Fortunately, if this happens to you, there are two things you can do to rewind time.


First, delete your viewing history. Log into the Netflix website, go to the Your Account page, under the My Profile section click on the Viewing Activity link. Go down and remove shows that you don’t want in your history.


Second, delete incorrect ratings. On the Viewing Activity page, look at the top right and click on Rating to see all of the ratings you’ve given. Go down and change them (or remove them) to your tastes.

That’s it. If your tastes change in the future, you can come back and re-rate certain shows and movies to your liking, thus keeping Netflix true and sharp for the future.

How do you like Netflix’s recommendation engine? Is it accurate or is it totally wrong? Try this and let us know if it helps you by posting down in the comments!

Image Credits: Mobile Netflix via Shutterstock

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