How to Rearrange “Quick Actions” in the Windows 10 Action Center
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There are two types of Windows 10 users: those who use the Action Center on a regular basis (for its useful notifications and quick actions) and those who never use the Action Center at all. In fact, a lot of users just disable the Action Center altogether.

If you fall into the first group, you’ve probably been annoyed at least once by the order of the Quick Actions — by this, I’m talking about the buttons for Network, Brightness, VPN, Location, Airplane Mode, etc.

Well, thanks to the improvements in the Anniversary Update, you can now rearrange these buttons however you want.


All you have to do is launch the Settings app and navigate to System > Notifications & actions. In the right panel, the very first thing you’ll see is the Quick Actions section where you can click-hold-and-drag to move the buttons around.

You can also click on Add or remove quick actions to disable the ones you never use, thus freeing up space on your potentially-cluttered Action Center.

How often do you use the Action Center? Do you find the notifications useful or are they just an annoyance? Tell us about it in the comments!

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