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How To Really Start Conversations Around Your Facebook Photos

Joshua Lockhart 29-08-2013

So you’re a new startup for an app/gadget/website/service, or maybe you’re just a freelances trying to sell yourself, and you aren’t sure how exactly to get conversation going on your Facebook Page. Look around — it seems like photos are all the rage these days, right?


Yeah, yeah. So photos have always been a huge aspect of Facebook. We know. But honestly, it’s really just a matter of how you use them. Below, we’ll tell you how to use your Facebook photos to start conversations.

Keep It Personal

Social media is the most unique form of mass communication in that it’s, well, social. Rather than just having a message broadcasted to tons of people at once, these same people are actually able to respond in real time. When posting items on your company’s Facebook Page, it’s incredibly important to remember that you must make your fans feel at home while browsing your Page.

With that said, your posts should blend in with the posts of their friends and family. Bring out the nostalgia! Show something sweet:

  • Does anybody else remember [nostalgic item]?
  • Look at this cute cat we found!

While it would be ideal to have your contents match the theme of your product, you don’t have to. For whatever reason, users of social media still like and share pictures and posts that are totally unrelated to whatever your product is. Just make sure your name is tied to it somehow.

Be Vague & Mysterious

Okay, okay. So I know I  just ran you through my spiel of how you should stay personal, and what I am about to say is seemingly the total and complete opposite. You’re almost right.



Let’s say you are prepping for a new product release or feature. If you already have a good fan-base, then you may consider posting partial images of the product to spark speculation. This alone can generate loads of conversation around your photos. What could be even better is to post partial images throughout the day, leading up to a huge announcement.

Ask For Photos Of Your Product!

People enjoy being in the limelight, so asking them to take pictures of themselves with your product, next to your logo, or at your location is sure to elicit a response. Hold contests for the best photos, and give away samples of your product (or whatever you can muster up), and make sure to post the top photo.

What is this good for? One, you’ll get people talking about your product or brand. Two, your Facebook Page will receive much more exposure. Furthermore, if people are posting pictures of themselves on your Page, those photos will likely end up on their friends’ news feeds some way or another. Curious souls may stumble onto your Page.


Throw In Some Humor

Everybody loves funny pictures (and funny videos 11 Crazy YouTube Channels You Need to See to Believe There are plenty of strange videos on YouTube, but it takes a truly wacky person to create an entire channel full of them. Here are 11 crazy YouTube channels we have uncovered from YouTube's depths. Read More ) — even people with the worst sense of humor in the world. As mentioned in the above section about being personal, it’s sometimes okay to post irrelevant images from your company’s Facebook Page. People tend to share and comment on such pictures, and since you’re the one who will be posting them, everything will be tracked back to you.


Comics, memes, and funny pictures from Imgur or Reddit are ideal content for this type of thing. Oh, and a note on memes: funny pictures with big, bold, white text aren’t necessarily memes. Before you think, “Heywe should start posting memes!” do yourself a favor and research what memes are as well as what types of memes exist. This way, people won’t think you are out of touch with Internet culture (while attempting to seem as though you are keeping up with Internet culture).

Internet memes — as hard as they are to explain — are a bit like a framework for a joke. There’s a template, of sorts. Take The Most Interesting Man in the World. The meme always begins like the commercial: “I don’t always _______, but when I do…”



But then there are people who just take the picture and try to add a funny caption to it. Typically speaking, this caption isn’t funny in the slightest. Take this poorly-constructed meme, for instance:


Blatantly Ask For Promotion

Sometimes, generating conversation is as simple as asking people for it. The occasional post that says, “Please LIKE or SHARE this picture if you can relate!” can sometimes be effective. You can also ask people to comment.



Of course, for whatever reason, this can be irrationally annoying to some people (like me!). I mean, it’s the modern equivalent of billboards or signs that say, “Honk if you agree with [something that the referenced billboard or sign has posted]!”  All that honking can get annoying.

So there will be snide comments, troll replies, or rude statements. Ignore ’em. Do what you do.

Stay Current

Are you keeping up with the news? Furthermore, are you keeping up with the news that pertains to your field? Posting pictures pertaining to popular news pieces which are relevant to whatever you are selling can generate quite a bit of discussion!

Furthermore, people will most likely share interesting articles simply because they have friends with similar interests. Tied to this will be the discussion from other commenters, and also tied to this will be your Facebook Page’s name. Pretty awesome!

Give An Inside Look

Let’s tie things back to what I first said: be personal. All of these posts allow people to give you their opinions, comments, likes, shares, and even photos. Why not offer some pictures of yourself to give back socially (and in turn, be even more personal)?


Pictures of the office, staff, and more are a great way to bring people into the lives of the people behind the product — pretty cool, eh?

What Makes People Like A Page?

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What other methods have you used to generate conversation around your Facebook photos? Have you used the above ways? What ways should I have mentioned?

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Image Credit: Ambuj Saxena

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