How to Quick Save Locations in the Windows Registry
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The Windows registry is home to all sorts of ways to customize your computer and fix problems, but it’s not exactly user-friendly to work in. Long strings of names to find locations and a potentially confusing folder structure might frustrate users editing the registry.

Here’s how to keep your most-visited locations close at hand.

Remember that editing the registry could harm your computer if you’re not sure what you’re doing, so be sure to read our guide to using the registry safely before you start playing around with it.

Open the registry editor by typing regedit into the Start menu and accept the administrator prompt. Find whichever folder you’d like to bookmark for future use, and click it once so it’s highlighted. Next, click the Favorites menu on the top toolbar. Clicking Add to Favorites… will prompt you to give this location a name.

Make sure you make the name descriptive, because it won’t show you where this key is located once it’s saved and you can’t edit the name. Something related to what you were trying to fix or tweak in that location is probably best.

It’s also a good short-term trick to bookmark somewhere you just made a change, so you can revert it quickly if it didn’t end up working out.

Once it’s in your favorites, click the Favorites button again at any time and choose the name you entered to jump right to that spot. A lot better than clicking down every time, huh?

Need more control over your registry editing? Check out tools that can assist you in examining the Windows registry.

What registry locations do you find yourself visiting over and over? Let us know below!

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