How to Mass-Forward Multiple Emails in Outlook
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Email, as ubiquitous as it is, still contains all kinds of tricks hiding beneath its simple demeanor — years after its release, there are still all kinds of Gmail power tips to know. Sometimes, tasks that appear to be simple in email are more confusing than they have any right to be.

One of these tasks is forwarding multiple emails in a single message. You might need to do this if you want to save all email from an account to another for safekeeping before you delete it. Or, you may just need to forward a lot of mail to someone without manually doing each one. Here’s how to do this in Outlook.

Open your inbox and while holding the CTRL key, click each email that you’d like to forward. You can also click an email and hold Shift and use the arrow keys to accomplish this without the mouse. If you want to select every email in your inbox or a folder, just press CTRL + A to select them all.

Up on the Ribbon, click Forward (or use the CTRL + F keyboard shortcut) to begin forwarding the messages. Now, you’ll have a new email message to send out with all the selected messages from before as attachments. It’s quick and easy!

To do this in Gmail, you’ll need to use an extension, as the functionality isn’t built in. The only one currently available for the job seems to be Multi Forward for Gmail, which adds a toolbar icon to get the job done. Give it a try if you need this function in Gmail.

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Did this trick help you? Let us know if you ever need to forward lots of messages at once!

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