How to Make the Most of Trello’s New Chrome Extension
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When it comes to useful tools, Trello is on the top of many lists. It’s a great way to manage tasks, keep track of projects, and much more.

It’s actually become a little bit easier to use recently, with Trello having released an official Chrome extension that adds some functionality directly to your browser.

There are two primary functions of the new extension: opening any board right from the address bar, and adding new cards to any of your boards right from the extension’s icon.


To open a board, click on the address bar and then type “t” and hit Space. This will cause the Omnibar to begin searching in your boards. Starting typing in the name of the board you want, and it will suggest ones with those letters. Click the one you want, and you’ll be ready to go.


Now, to create a new card, you’ll need to click the Trello icon in the bar where your extensions live. From there, you’ll see one box on the left that lets you choose a board, and another that lets you select the list. The box is where you’ll type in the title of the card, or you can click the little check box to attach the tab you currently have open.

Did you install Trello’s new extension? What are you thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments!

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