How to Make & Take Copies of OneNote Class Notebooks
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The growing incorporation of technology in education means that many school-related problems may soon be solved. We aren’t there yet, but classrooms are already being transformed in incredible ways, such as with OneNote Class Notebooks.

A OneNote Class Notebook is a OneNote notebook that’s comprised of three special parts:

  • A personal workspace for each student.
  • A collaboration workspace for lessons and activities.
  • A content library for handouts and assignments.

This is one of several amazing features that make OneNote extremely useful for both teachers and students. Never tried it before? Get started with a OneNote Class Notebook right now.

But what happens when the class ends? Some students may want to take the Class Notebook with them because it contains so much useful information and material. That’s possible using the “Save a Copy” feature.

  1. Sign into OneNote Online.
  2. Click Class Notebooks.
  3. Right-click a Class Notebook and select Save a Copy.

This copies the Class Notebook to your consumer OneDrive account and makes it accessible from anywhere as long as you can access OneDrive. Note that if the original Class Notebook is updated, the copy won’t be.

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