How to Make Spotify Look Like Rdio on Mac
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Do you have fond memories of using Rdio as your music service of preference? Well too bad, because it’s gone now!

Okay, that was mean. Let me make it up to you for by showing you how you can at least make Spotify look like Rdio. Sure, it won’t bring the service back from its unfortunate demise, but it’s as close as you can get. (I should also note that this will only work on Mac.)

First, before you download anything, you’ll need to set your Mac to allow apps to be installed from anywhere (if you’ve been downloading apps from outside the Mac App Store, you’ve probably already done this).

To do so, head to System Preferences…, then Security & Privacy, followed by General. Once here, you’ll need to set Allow applications downloaded from to Anywhere. 


Now, you just need to head to Spotio’s website and download the .ZIP file. Close the normal Spotify and launch the version you just downloaded. If you find that you like it better than the default Spotify skin, just delete the original app and stick with this one.

Remember, it’s just a reskin of Spotify, so any Rdio functionality you were seeking won’t be there, but at the very least, it’ll let you take a trip down memory lane (and it really does look quite good).

Were you a Rdio user? How are you finding the switch to Spotify? Let us know in the comments!

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