How To Make A Video Tribute With Animoto

Israel Nicolas 02-09-2009

animotoVideo tributes are nothing new – you will always find fans creating tributes of their favorite artists and uploading them to YouTube, or people creating one as a gift.


Video tributes are also common in parties, or family reunions as icebreakers and for your relatives go “aaawww” with those sentimental pictures. If you are asked to make a video tribute on short notice, here is how to make a really good video tribute in less than ten minutes with Animoto Animoto: The easiest Slideshow Creator ever Read More .

how to make a video tribute

Why Animoto?

Animoto’s backend for effects and transition rendering is the best among current web applications. Their patent-pending Cinematic Artificial Intelligence analyzes the pictures and the music that you input and decide on the proper effects and transitions.

I noticed that Animoto not only makes effects and transitions which go well with the beat of the music, but also makes timely transitions depending on how photos are arranged.  The end result is a compelling video that rivals what an experienced human video editor could come up with.


You can also check out MUO’s Top 5 Online Tools to Make a Movie Online For Free Top 5 Tools To Make A Home Movie Online For Free Read More for more web apps that can also help you make a video tribute.

Add Your Content – Images and Video Clips

The most critical element in making a video tribute is not the software that creates the effects or syncs the audio to the clips, but the content that you put in it. Compile all images, scanned photos and video clips that you need for the project and upload them using Animoto’s simple upload tool. You can also select images and video clips from their collection to fill space if you lack pictures.

how to make a video tribute

Animoto gives you access to accounts in Flickr, Facebook, and Picasa so that you can retrieve your photos for the video tribute. You can also get photos from Istockphoto, stock.xchng, and stockphoto to enhance your content. Also check out John’s Top 5 Free Websites for Quality Copyright Free Photographs The Top 15 Sites for Copyright and Royalty-Free Images Here are the best stock photography websites that will ensure you always have access to copyright and royalty-free images. Read More .


When taking photos from Picasa or Flickr, I recommend creating a separate album or photoset and put all the images that you want to use there. This way, you can use Picasa and Flickr’s organization and reorder tools to arrange photos before you import them to Animoto. Although Animoto lets you rearrange images and clips, Picasa and Flickr’s reordering tools are easier to use especially when sifting through hundreds of photos.

how to make a video tribute

You can also select some photos then click “spotlight“ to highlight them in the video.

Animoto just recently allowed users to upload video clips. Just upload a clip from an old video, camera, phone, or retrieve video footage from Getty Images into Animoto.


Add Your Music

Upload your choice soundtrack from your computer or browse through their Music Lounge to select a song. Music categories include Top 40/Pop, Indie Rock, Hip Hop, Classical, Country, and Gospel to name a few.

what is a video tribute

The length of the video will depend on the length of the song that you chose. You can add only one song per video, although the ability to add more songs might be included in future versions. For now, you can use audio editing software such as Audacity Record audio files with Audacity Read More to stitch multiple songs in one track before uploading to Animoto.

Final Touches

Customize your video by selecting the video length, image pacing, and video cover screen. The Animoto Short is a free version but only produces 30 second clips, while the full-length version is worth $3. Although the 30 second version might be good enough for your needs, the full-length version is a steal considering that you can edit and rehash the video to make an entirely new video.


Click “˜Continue‘ and wait for the video to finish rendering. You can close the window and wait for an email with a link to the finished video.

what is a video tribute

Once the video is finished, you can edit the video with Animoto’s 1-click Remix, or go back to the drawing board to add, remove, and arrange images, text and video clips. Each remix will give you an entirely different set of transitions and effects so you can create an unlimited number of videos until you are satisfied.

what is a video tribute

You can improve your video tribute by adding interviews and messages from friends as video clips, or enhancing images in Photoshop or Picasa before uploading them. You can even make a video tribute with only text and music and it will still work nicely with Animoto.

As a “producer” of the video tribute, your real work is finding the key elements (picture, video clips, and text) that will capture what you want your video to be. Animoto just provides the timing and effects, so you are not really boxed in with what you can do with this app.

What do you use to produce your video tributes?   Let us know in the comments.

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