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How to Learn How to Draw Online With DrawSpace

Simon Slangen 05-02-2010

1220037_colour_pencilsI’ve always wanted to learn how to draw. It’s standing right next to learning C++ and playing the cello in Procrastination alley. It’s not that I’m a total failure at drawing, I’ve just never dedicated myself to it, or left behind the childish doodles that are weak imitations of your favorite comic books.


Like a lot of you, drawing has become a ‘what if’. What if I gave it a little more of my time and dedication? What if I were to take lessons? But life is busy, and surprise, lessons take too much time. So sitting in that dreadful drawing class is no option. But why should that conclude your options? The Internet, with just a bare minimum of time and dedication, can give you everything you need to learn how to draw.

In the free programmes, you’ll miss out on those treasured personal pointers, but all the knowledge is still right there!

DrawSpace – How to Learn How To Draw Technical and Realistically

We’re going to pass right by the amateuristic cacophony of tutorials that make up your initial expectations of online drawing classes. I reckon you don’t want to know how Bill draws the hands or what a cute kitten Sandra has doodled.

In three words, DrawSpace is professional, extensive and realistic. Not to mention incredible. This site teaches you how to make realistic drawings. With hundreds of amazing drawing lessons, you’ll be on your way to become the human camera.

how to learn how to draw


As you can see in the screenshot above, and again below, the lessons gradually increase in difficulty. You’ll first focus on shapes, before going continuing to study the lines, shading and coloring. Although a lot of people don’t prefer this much realism in drawings, there’s far more to it than just ‘copying’ it. There’s an incredible amount of skill involved in being able to draw what you see, or want to see. Once you’ve got a sufficient knowledge base, you can start giving your own spin to your work.

how to learn how to draw

Although you will need to register to view the lessons, there’s no more to it than that. You’ll have to pay for an upgrade if you want download and printing privileges, but that’ll be hardly a botter for most people.

learn how to draw


As you can see above, the lessons use Macromedia FlashPaper. Blame the blurred text on the unimpressive copyright notice that shows at the bottom of every page.

This incredible application allows you to browse the document, and zoom in on the details you deem important. As said before, you’ll only be able to follow these lessons online, but Macromedia FlashPaper makes this a small pain.

For the above reasons, DrawSpace stands out as the most incredible online source of technical drawing lessons. In some of the following articles, we’ll take a look at other kinds of drawing sites, including the comic and manga styles, and interesting sites to show and be judged on your work.

Do you know any other great drawing sites? Let us know all about them in the comments section below!


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    I'm not really bad at drawing, but perhaps this may be useful...

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