How to Keep Netflix From Accidentally Racking Up Your Data Bill
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Netflix is most known for how easy it is to binge-watch all of its shows, but that can be extremely dangerous for your wallet if you watch Netflix on the go with your smartphone.

If your Wi-Fi connection ever drops, you could end up unknowningly streaming gigabytes of data through your mobile network — and racking up hundreds of dollars on your next mobile bill.

This is one reason why some people refuse to subscribe to Netflix. If you don’t have a plan that grants you unlimited streaming of Netflix on data, then you have to be extra careful when you’re away from home.


Fortunately, Netflix recently implemented a setting that automatically protects you on your behalf. Whether you’re on Android or iOS, the setting should be available to you.

  • Sign into the mobile app.
  • Open the menu and select App Settings.
  • Under Video Playback, select Cellular Data Usage.

You can either keep it on Automatic, which means Netflix will automatically adjust the quality according to cellular network conditions, or you can manually choose between:

  • Unlimited: Not recommended on data.
  • High: Uses about 1.00 GB per hour.
  • Medium: Uses about 0.50 GB per hour.
  • Low: Uses about 0.25 GB per hour.
  • Off: Disable streaming on data.

These kinds of small but important features are just one of many aspects — such as all the original content being produced — that prove Netflix is really worth it. Be sure to toggle your settings accordingly before you forget!

How big is your data plan? Which setting are you going to use? How often do you watch Netflix on your smartphone? Let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Netflix Mobile via Shutterstock

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