How to Hide Your Email Address on the Windows Login Screen
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Say what you will about Windows 10, but in many cases, Microsoft has listened to its users and is implementing changes based on complaints.

Once such case is with displaying user’s email addresses on the sign-in screen. If you use your PC at home, you probably didn’t even notice that it was there, but if you use your computer in public places, you might not want your email address displayed for the world to see!

Thankfully, the latest Insider preview build (14328), Microsoft added the option to hide your details on the lock screen. If you have the build, here’s what you need to do to turn it off (additionally, make note of the procedure, because it’ll most likely remain the same once it gets added to the public build.


First, go to the Settings app. From there, click on Accounts, followed by Sign-in options. Scroll down to privacy and you’ll see a checkbox labeled Show account details (e.g email address) on sign in screen. Make sure that is set to off, and your info will no longer be on the Windows 10 lock screen! It’s that simple.

Remember, using a Preview build is a great way to see what’s coming to Windows, but it does have some risks. Make sure you’re aware before you install, or run beta builds on a separate partition without removing your main Windows install.

Do you care if your email address is shown? Or is this a welcome change? Let us know your thoughts on user privacy!

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