How to Give Up on Pokemon Go and Delete Your Account

Ben Stegner 27-07-2016

Pokemon Go is sweeping the world; it’s quickly becoming one of the most-downloaded apps of all time on mobile. We’ve given tips that all new trainers need to review 10 Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know Pokemon Go is still fun even years after its launch. Here are the best Pokemon Go tips and tricks to get more out of the game. Read More if you’re just signing on for the first time.


If you’ve decided that being a trainer is not for you, however, you have the ability to turn in your badge and stop hunting for Pokemon. However, just like deleting social media accounts, it’s not a one-click process Why Is It So Hard to Delete Social Media Accounts? You can't just go to your account settings, click Delete and watch your profile vanish into a collection of ones and zeroes. The Internet is very good at remembering things. Read More to delete your Pokemon Go account.

First, you need to head to the developer’s request page for deleting your account. You’ll need to fill in some info, like your email address and the reason for deleting your account, along with acknowledging that this will irreversibly destroy all information associated with your account.

Now, your request still isn’t complete. After a moment, you should receive an email reminding you that continuing with this deletion can’t be undone. If you finally decide that you’re ready to delete your account, you’ll need to respond to the email with DELETE as instructed.

Of course, it’s not an instant application. The processing might take a week or two to take hold; since we know that Pokemon Go has been having enough issues with keeping track of its registering users, separating old ones isn’t their biggest concern right now.

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Are you loving Pokemon Go, or are you ready to call it quits? Give us your thoughts on the game by leaving a comment!

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