How to Give Apps Access to Trusted Devices in Windows 10
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Windows 10 includes privacy features for Modern apps (some of which are neglected but useful) similar to how Android and iOS allow you to choose what sensitive parts of your device an app can access.

However, there’s also a feature to let apps access your “trusted devices”, which includes any hardware you connect to your device. Here’s how to set this up for your convenience.

Open the Settings apps by clicking the Start button and choose Settings or using the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + I. Choose Privacy and then select the Other Devices tab on the left. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and you’ll see the Use trusted devices header.

Here, Windows will show you all the devices eligible for this sync. For me, it only included an SD card I have in my PC, but you might find your smartphone, tablet, Xbox One, external drives, or projectors here.

Below, you’ll find the apps on your system that want access to your Trusted Devices. Maybe Movies & TV wants access to your Projector, or maybe the Xbox app wants access to your Xbox One (a great choice if you’re gaming on both Xbox One and Windows 10). If you see anything you don’t want running here, you can disable its access via the sliders.

If you’ve removed the bloatware apps that come with Windows 10 or don’t use many Store apps, you might not find much use in this menu. Still, it’s worth a visit to see which apps are accessing external devices and make sure everything is locked down as you like it.

Which Trusted Devices are running on your system? Let us know if you found this menu useful in the comments!

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