How to Get the iOS 10 Beta (And Why You Should Hold Off)

Nancy Messieh 13-07-2016

Apple launched the public beta of the latest iteration of its software — iOS 10 — and you can now download it on your phone by signing up for the Beta program.


While the beta is very easy to install on your iPhone or iPad, some horror stories from users who decided to test the beta might stop you from doing the same.

How to Get the iOS 10 Beta

To participate in Apple’s Beta program, head over where you can sign up. You will need to use your existing Apple ID to sign up for the beta. Once you’ve logged in, the first step is to create a backup using iTunes, which you should then archive.

On your phone, go to where you can follow the on-screen instruction to download and activate the beta. Watch the video below to see how the process work: 

But Should You Install It?

If you’ve watched the video above, you might already have an answer to that question. But there is one key piece of information that is now making the rounds online that might have you answering a resounding no.

A very serious reason to avoid downloading the beta altogether is that it could lock you out of your Apple ID, rendering your device useless. A bug in the beta first pointed out on Reddit has caused some devices to be locked “due to security reasons.”


If you happen to be one of those who was locked out of your Apple ID, you should be able to reset it with Apple’s recovery tool.

Others who haven’t been locked out of their phones have noted a few other issues. As is the case with any beta, the iOS 10 public beta is a little buggy and does crash on occasion. The iOS 10 public beta also slows your phone down particularly when booting up. According to EverythingApplePro, however, the battery life is actually much better on the iPhone 6 and 6S using the public beta.

To see that side-by-side comparison of speed and battery life between iOS 9 and iOS 10 on several different devices watch the video below:

If you only have one iOS device, you’re probably best off waiting until the official iOS 10 release in fall of this year. If you have a spare device and are curious to see what iOS 10 brings to the table, you know the risks involved.

And if you decide that you want to downgrade, you can find out how to do that here.

What Do You Get With iOS 10?

Some of the iOS 10 features that you’ll get if you decide to take the plunge and download the beta include expanded use of Siri in more apps, a revamped notification center, souped up messages, and replying to messages from the lock screen (which may be a bit of a hazard).

For a full list of what to expect from iOS 10, check out Tim’s article, What’s New in iOS10 What's New in iOS 10? Everything Coming to Your iPhone This Fall Here's what features you can expect to see added to your iPhone when iOS 10 finally lands. Read More .

Are you going to take the plunge and download the public beta? Let us know in the comments. 


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  1. Josh
    July 13, 2016 at 2:26 pm

    I gave it a shot for a few days just to satiate my obsession with new features (I've installed the last few betas). Unfortunately I couldn't get past the battery drain. My phone was sucked dry within hours.

  2. JoeCool
    July 13, 2016 at 1:27 pm

    I'm a risk taker and installed the beta on my main iPhone.

    It's filled with a ton of bugs, but that's to be expected in a beta.
    Not for the average user.

  3. Anonymous
    July 13, 2016 at 8:31 am

    I think that anyone who installs a beta on their primary device is asking for whatever trouble they get. I don't have a spare iPhone or iPad, so I am content to let others test for me. However, on OSX betas, I use an external drive, image it with my current system, boot up on it and install the beta. Nice to play with and no danger to my active system.