How to Get Smoother Playback on Plex With a Simple Fix

Nancy Messieh 14-07-2016

For those of you who use Plex to manage your personal media 20 Unofficial Plex Channels and Plugins You Should Install Right Now Want to unlock more Plex plugins? We show you how to access 20 of the best Plex channels to watch via the Unsupported AppStore. Read More , you might often find yourself running into problems with streaming quality, there’s a quick and simple fix that will ensure you’re getting the best quality and the best watching experience.


With Plex, your media is saved on a server, and depending on how you’re going to stream your content, Plex will automatically transcode it and serve it up in the format available to your device, regardless of your server speeds.

With Plex’s Optimizer, you can prepare your files ahead of time so that, no matter where you’re watching from, you’re getting the best quality possible.

To make this happen, you’re going to have to selectively optimize each of the videos one by one, so if there’s something you know you want to watch, be sure to do this ahead of time.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Launch Plex in your browser and either go to the folder where the video is stored, or use the search function to find it. If you hover over the poster image for that file, you’ll see three dots to access the menu. Click on that and choose Optimize. 



This will open up a dialog box that has a few different options for how you can optimize the file. You can optimize for watching it on your smartphone, your TV, keep the original quality, or choose custom settings.


Custom settings lets you drill down to more specificity – Android, iOS, Windows Phone, XBox One and more. You can also just choose the speed and frame rate yourself.


To see a more detailed explanation on how all of this works and to see the optimization process in action, watch the video below:

Do you have any tips or tricks for getting the most out of Plex? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Anonymous
    July 14, 2016 at 6:22 pm

    "You can also just choose the speed and frame rate yourself."

    You mean Quality/Size--in bits per second--and Resolution, right?

  2. Jane
    July 14, 2016 at 1:29 pm

    As I know media streamers use adaptive streaming function to make quality of video files better for me, as a customer.
    But, in this casewith Plex you personally choose speed and frame rate, I doubt that it is the best solution.