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How to Get More Likes and Shares on Facebook, According to Researchers

Mihir Patkar 17-07-2015

On the world’s largest social network, it’s all about the Likes and Shares. But it’s not easy to get them, especially after the new changes to Likes Facebook Likes Update: Everything You Need To Know Did you just notice a big change in your page's follower count? That's not a bug—it's a feature. Here's what that means for your page. Read More . Sure, you’ll get a few for every update, but how do you really maximize the engagement on a post? Researchers have a few ideas.


We’ve already talked about a few do’s and dont’s to increase Likes on your FB Increase Facebook Likes the Right Way (And What Not to Do) So you have a Facebook page but it's not getting the attention it deserves? The question is, what can you do to rise above your competition and win more fans? Read More , but those are best practices that apply generally. Here, we’re going to focus on data-driven tips and tricks that have proven to be successful.

The Best Time to Post on Facebook


That old nugget of wisdom has some truth in it: post when most people aren’t posting and aren’t working.

Now, we think you shouldn’t pay any attention to your Klout score Why You Shouldn't Pay Any Attention to Klout Scores Read More , but the social analytics firm recently conducted a study of a million Facebook users which found that people seem to spend more time on the social network in the evening, around 7-8pm.

While this research used the EST time zone, a quick check of with Wolfram Alpha’s personal Facebook analytics showed that this data matched with my own profile, which is based on Indian Standard Time. There was significantly more activity between 6 and 9 pm.


In fact, posting when people aren’t working seems to be the best idea.

Facebook activity seems to be less affected by weekends. It is interesting to note that Facebook is most consistently used throughout the day on Sundays,” the Klout researchers note. Other research in the past has also found that posts on Sunday get more engagement.

Social media scheduler app Buffer also tried posting at non-peak times, and found a lot more engagement for posts going up at 11pm: “The 11:00 p.m. window was stellar. There were 25 percent more clicks on content, and every measure of clicks and reach increased.

How Frequently You Should Post on Facebook



Here’s the secret about how often you should update your Facebook status: it doesn’t really matter.

You’ll hear a lot of people say you should only post 1-2 times a day, while others recommend posting much more often so that the Facebook news feed algorithm pushes one of them through to your friends and followers. But no-one has hard data on how the news feed algorithm works with reference to frequency of posts.

Hubspot was surprisingly forthcoming when they said there is no magic formula to how often you should post. “It depends,the analytics firm says. “Truth is, this response isn’t wrong, as frustrating as it is. It does depend—on your followers’ age range, interests, Facebook habits, and so on.

With this one, the best strategy would be to just use your own data and see what works for you. Use 1-2 times a day as a starting point of reference, and experiment with different frequencies. See which one has the best result for you and stick with that.


The Best Length for Your Facebook Post


There isn’t one single ideal length for a Facebook post. Instead, the best length is determined by whether you want more shares or likes. Short posts get more likes, long posts get more shares.

Social media analyst Dan Zarrella found that short posts of less than 100 characters had the highest chance of getting a Like. Facebook ad firm BlitzLocal’s study of 120 billion Facebook impressions found that the magic character count was between 80-120 characters. So aim to be around the 100 character mark.

Zarrella also found that posts with more than 400 characters were shared much more. Just for reference, 400 characters is the cut-off mark after which you get a “See More…” link to expand the post. Messages that were roughly 450 characters or 700 characters got the highest shares.



One important tip: If you are sharing a link, keep the text short and once you see the preview, delete the actual text of the link.

According to Facebook, “people often prefer to click on links that are displayed in the link format (which appears when you paste a link while drafting a post), rather than links that are buried in photo captions.

The Best Images and Videos to Insert in Your Post


Posts with images get 37% more engagement, according to Trackmaven, so try and include a photo or a video in your updates.

When you are sharing an image, use scientific tips to make photos more appealing Get More Likes On Your Facebook Photos Using Science [Weekly Facebook Tips] Want to know which photos will do best on Facebook? So did a bunch of researchers. And they found out. Read More , thus increasing the chance of getting Likes. In fact, photos with motivational/inspirational quotes are always popular. Pablo by Buffer creates stunning images with text easily Meet Pablo by Buffer: Create Stunning Images With Text for Social Networks You've probably seen people on social media sharing inspirational quotes or great one-liners on a beautiful background. Want to create your own? Meet Pablo. Read More , formatted perfectly for Facebook.


As for videos, ever since Facebook started autoplaying them in your news feed, videos are now overtaking photos as the most engaging type of content. SocialBakers analyzed data from October 2014 to February 2015 and found that videos had the highest organic reach and fan reach, compared to text, links or photos.

Shorter, timely video content tends to do well in News Feed. Keep in mind that auto-play videos play silently in News Feed until someone taps to hear sound, so videos that catch people’s attention even without sound often find success,” Facebook says.

Ever since Facebook bought Instagram, you can now use the Instagram app to shoot unforgettable videos 8 Ways to Create Unforgettable Instagram Videos Creating an Instagram video is easy. Making it unforgettable, however, is a lot tougher. Fortunately there are various tips and tricks that you can use to help you create a video to make an impression. Read More and share them directly to Facebook.

The Best Topics for More Likes on Facebook


The more people Like or comment on your post, the higher it will be pushed in the News Feed. It’s kind of a vicious circle, but you can also cheat your way into higher visibility by talking about some trending topic.

With Facebook’s new algorithm, timely content appears higher-up in the News Feed, so it’s more likely to be seen by others: “Early testing of a small percentage of posts has shown that this update on average leads to a more than 6% increase in people engaging with these stories (e.g., more people share, comment, like or click).

There are plenty of ways to find out what’s trending on Facebook 4 Web Apps To See What's Trending On Facebook (And Other Social Sites) The word ‘viral’ is just the word you would use when it comes to something that’s popular on Facebook. Whether it is a game like FarmVille or the latest I-want-it-for-my-profile-pic silhouette photo of Steve Jobs,... Read More at any given time. Once you have that information, tie in what you want to say to one of those topics to get a quick boost.


It’s also a good idea to use hashtags in your post. Trackmaven reckons posts with hashtags see 60% more interactions on average, but you need to use them strategically. Don’t abuse them or no one will pay attention to hashtags 5 Reasons No One Is Using Facebook Hashtags What made Facebook think it needed hashtags? Obviously, no one is using them. But why? Read More .

Which is the Best Tip, According to Your Experience?

Research is one thing, but the biggest factor is how it fares in the real world. Have you used any of the above tips and found it to work splendidly? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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  3. Anonymous
    July 31, 2015 at 11:39 pm

    You are welcome, Mihir.
    Your point makes lots of sense. I have seen and received lots of emails offering a huge number of likes and followers for a small amount. Spammers should learn to target the right demographics.. Isn't it why they are called spams??.. just kidding..

    I wonder why an individual would seek such illegitimate services. Could be a narcissistic behavior or to boost one's ego or publicity among his friends, exhibit him/herself as an important individual, that way they can gain more legitimate followers and likes???

    Though the reasons are many, It isn't cool..

    • Mihir Patkar
      August 3, 2015 at 9:10 am

      With individuals, yes, it's narcissism.

      However, more often than not, it's about building a brand--either professional or personal. The actual legitimacy doesn't matter when you can show hard numbers to a client.

  4. Anonymous
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    Nice one, Mihir.

    I heard there is an other easy way, that's paying some guy/company who claims to add more likes and followers.. :D Likes and Followers are sold online.. Crazy!!!

    • Mihir Patkar
      July 30, 2015 at 6:21 am

      Thanks Pravin! Oh, there are lots of companies like that. But artificially hiking up your number does nothing in the long run. Plus, companies like FB and Twitter clean up fake profiles periodically, so there's a chance that the hike you see now goes away at the next clean-up. I wouldn't recommend buying those.