How to Get Great Book Recommendations Using Twitter
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Twitter can be a great source for breaking news, an avenue for holding companies accountable, and when combined with a bit of technology can even be used as a great automation tool.

So why not use it to get book recommendations? Here are three ways you can use Twitter to figure out what your next read is going to be.


While Goodreads is a social network unto itself, and one that is great for getting book recommendations, if you connect it to your Twitter account, you can make it even more useful.

By doing so, you’re able to keep up with what the people you follow on Twitter are interested in reading, what they’ve read, and even in some cases, you can read detailed reviews.


To automatically follow your Twitter or Facebook friends on GoodReads, just go to your Friends tab, and use the “Find Friends” tool.


ParrotRead is another solid option. You can sign up to get weekly recommendations based on the people you follow on Twitter. While you’re waiting for that email, you can take a look at the lists they have on their website.


These lists of book recommendations include books recommended by people on TIME’s 100 most influential people, by Y Combinator Partners, and by the business minds on SharkTank.

Twitter Hashtags & Accounts

It also makes perfect sense to go right to the source. There are a few Twitter accounts and hashtags you can use to get book recommendations. Some of these accounts and hashtags include:

Do you get book recommendations on Twitter? Let us know how in the comments. 

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