How to Get Fresh Playlists & Discover New Music Every Day
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It’s easy to discover new music with all the tools at your disposal. While Spotify’s new Discover Weekly is scarily accurate at finding new tunes you’ll like, sometimes it’s fun to break away from your preferred genres and listen to something new.

Discover Weekly analyzes what you like and tries to bring you similar music, so while it can bring you new tunes, it’s not too different from what you’re used to.

Playlist A Day, available for Android and iOS, brings you a fresh mix of tracks each day. It uses the huge catalog of playlists from to keep it interesting, and with tons of different music styles represented on the site, you’ll never be far from discovering something new to listen to.

When a new playlist is loaded, you’ll get a notification so you can start listening. By default, you can listen to the playlist in the app, but Spotify Premium users can also import each playlist into their account to keep their music all in one place.

This is a great app to try if you’re not afraid to wander into all kinds of different genres or find yourself getting stuck in a music rut often.

If you don’t like this app, there are plenty of other ways to discover new music, including Android apps for finding new tunes.

What music have you discovered with this app? Let us know how you find new tunes in the comments!

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