How to Fix a Flickering Screen Error in Windows 10
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Let’s face it: Windows 10 isn’t a perfect OS 8 Annoying Windows 10 Issues & How to Fix Them 8 Annoying Windows 10 Issues & How to Fix Them The upgrade to Windows 10 has been smooth for most, but some users will always encounter issues. Whether it's a flashing screen, network connectivity issues, or battery drain, it's time to resolve these problems. Read More . Like any operating system, it has some problems. Some problems can be easily ignored or worked around, and others are a dealbreaker.

Some users are reporting just such a problem in the form a flashing or flickering screen in Windows 10. This leaves them unable to do anything while it’s happening, and is just a huge annoyance. But fear not, because we’ll show you how to fix the problem for good! No more restarting every time in hopes that it goes away.

First, you’ll need to run msconfig How to Boost Your PC Startup Time With BootRacer and MSConfig How to Boost Your PC Startup Time With BootRacer and MSConfig Is your computer booting in slow motion? This is a common PC nuisance that gets worse over time. Rather than re-installing your operating system, try to clean out your boot menu using BootRacer! Read More , a useful Windows utility that lets you change your startup functions Remove Windows Startup Items to Fix Your Slow Computer for Free Remove Windows Startup Items to Fix Your Slow Computer for Free Programs launching at boot can affect both the Windows startup speed and your computer's overall performance. Fix your slow computer by removing applications from auto-start. We show you how to catch them all. Read More and disable services running in Windows. To launch it, you can just type msconfig into the Windows search box, or open open a run window and type msconfig there.


Now, head to the Services tab and disable the following two: Problem Reports and Solution Control Panel and Windows Error Reporting Service. To disable them, uncheck the box next to them. Restart your computer, and when it comes back, you shouldn’t have any more issues with your screen flashing!

Do you have any nagging Windows 10 issues you need fixed? Maybe we can help! Hit the comments section below and tell us about them!

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  1. Jack White
    June 17, 2016 at 10:03 pm

    I Had a "Flicker" problem and I fixed it but going in to personalization and seting from 100% to 125% (font) and voala no Flicker found it by chance playing with options I've no Idea how I came to that and why it fixed but it DID my flickering was only noticeable in white surfaces by the way so using Word, Excel, Power point, etc was a pain

    • Tina Sieber
      July 4, 2016 at 7:31 pm

      Thank you for the tip, Jack! It doesn't make sense to me, but glad it worked.

      I'm curious: Can you reproduce the flicker by going back to 100%?

  2. Kevin
    June 17, 2016 at 4:40 pm

    Didn't really help me, but I gave it a try. My (former) Win7, and before that, was a WinVista machine, still displays something like: "Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered for Windows 10" Its an NVIDEA GeForce ver349.xx driver, and I've tried upgrading and downgrading this driver.. no solution works. Neither does your help from above... But, I had to try it anyway. For several months, I've been using Ubuntu Studio, but I really only like my Windows software for audio multitrack recording, and am rather disappointed that I cannot get Win10 to work. I've commented this on several MUO articles the last several months, coz I try anything/everything that seems related, and noone, so far, can help.

    BTW, Microsoft blames NVIDEA and NVIDEA support is no help, either.

    Bummed in backwards land, K

  3. Khai Bach
    June 16, 2016 at 9:03 pm

    seems to work... I had my main screen blinking for no reason.... did this.. and so far (still testing) no more blinking....