How to Edit the Custom User Dictionary in Chrome
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Typos matter, and thus every major browser (and most software these days) includes a spell check feature to keep you from submitting poorly-written words. However, it’s easy to mis-click and ignore a typo — or even worse, add a nonsense word to the dictionary so it’s not detected again.

To fix any bad entries in your Chrome user dictionary, follow this simple process.

Click the three-bar (hamburger) menu in the top-right corner of Chrome and choose Settings. From there, scroll down to the bottom and click the Show advanced settings… text. Under the Languages heading, find the Language and input settings… button.

Your chosen language will be highlighted; click the Custom spelling dictionary at the bottom of this new window. From here, you can browse all words you’ve added to your dictionary and simply click the X icon to the right of any rogue words (once it’s highlighted) to remove them.

If you have a lot of entries, feel free to utilize the search bar to find them quickly.

If you’d like to add a word to your dictionary that Chrome doesn’t recognize, type it out in a text field anywhere that Chrome auto-corrects. When you see the red underline appear, right-click the word and choose Add to dictionary.

There’s no need for Chrome not to recognize your last name or other common “misspellings” that you type! Need to spell check a document in a pinch without Microsoft Word? Find out all your options for spell checking now!

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